800W mixer grinders that can handle tough grinding on Amazon India

By Akarshitha Yaji | Published 18 Oct 2021 14:05 IST
800W mixer grinders that can handle tough grinding on Amazon India
800W mixer grinders that can handle tough grinding on Amazon India

An 800 watt motor in a mixer grinder gives the user an easy and efficient grinding experience even with the toughest of ingredients. Check out this list of the best 800W mixer grinders suitable for heavy-duty grinding needs available on Amazon.

Bajaj Ivora 800W Mixer Grinder

Bajaj Ivora 800W Mixer Grinder comes with an attractive design and colour scheme that adds to the aesthetics of one’s kitchen. The product has V-shaped jars and the body of the jars have an anti-germ coating for protection against pathogens. It also has an anti-dust coating on the mixer body to prevent dust accumulation. Its copper motor, which rotates at 20000 RPM, has a better heat tolerance and allows for tougher grinding with its Tetra Flow Technology. The product has an opening on the lid to allow the users to add ingredients easily and has easy-grip handles too.

Usha Thunderbolt Mixer Grinder

Usha Thunderbolt Mixer Grinder works with an 800 Watts copper motor at the speed of 21000 RPM for quick and efficient operations. The motor also generates less heat during grinding sessions, increasing the durability of the product. The product also has a longer operating time. The mixer grinder comes with three multi-purpose jars – a 1.5-litre wet jar, a 1.0-litre multi-purpose jar and a 0.5-litre grinding jar. The blades are designed for faster grinding and retain the original flavour of the substances. It has food-safe blades, suction feet and overload protection features. The product comes with a glossy metallic finish and has a compact design.

Maharaja Whiteline MX-222 Mixer Grinder

Maharaja Whiteline MX-222 Mixer Grinder grinds the toughest of ingredients with its well-designed 5-in-1 blades. The four versatile jars of the mixer grinder are designed with unique flow breakers that ensure that the pastes and batters are evenly ground-up, and that the flavours are consistent. It has an efficient cooling technology for reducing overheating thereby allowing for longer operation. The product has a motor that works at 20000 RPM at 800 watts power rating. The mixer grinder is equipped with suction feet for better stability and the couplers are made of high-grade nylon adding to the life of the appliance. The product is food-grade safe and is made of quality material.

Bajaj GX-4701 800W Mixer Grinder

Bajaj GX-4701 800W Mixer Grinder has a pure copper motor that is designed to deliver high torque and it runs at 18000 RPM. The product is equipped with a multitasker blade that can be used to grind raw masala or make a smooth puree for curries. The blade can be used for both wet and dry grinding. The mixer grinder ensures that there is even grinding and mixing of ingredients. It comes with a juicer jar, a liquidizing jar, a dry grind jar, and a chutney jar. The jar has a lid lock for hands-free operation. It is easy to clean and all the jars are washable. It is a durable and reliable product.

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