True wireless earphones with low latency for mobile gaming on Amazon India

By Prabhat Bhor | Published 20 Apr 2021 22:05 IST
True wireless earphones with low latency for mobile gaming on Amazon India
True wireless earphones with low latency for mobile gaming on Amazon India

Love to play games on your mobile phone? You need to get true wireless earphones with low latency so that you can enjoy the audio while gaming without letting the wires get in the way. Low latency means that there is minimal delay between the signal transmission and hearing the sound. As a result, you can react to sounds in the game much faster, thereby increasing your chances of winning. Here are a few true wireless earphones with low latency that are perfect for mobile gaming. All of these are available on Amazon. 

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

The Razer Hammerhead earbuds offer hassle-free auto-pairing as they connect automatically through Bluetooth 5.0. The run time is claimed to be 15 hours on a full charge. This will allow you to take your charged earbuds outside on a walk or a grocery run frequently, and you won’t have to worry about the device losing power. It also comes with an in-sync audiovisual response for mobile gaming, providing a more immersive and wireless experience for videos and games via a 60-ms input latency. The custom-tuned 13mm driver technology of the device is claimed to deliver deeper bass and higher frequency detail for dynamic, superior audio clarity. The brand claims that this makes it ideal for on-the-go for gaming, music, videos, and conference calls. Moreover, they also offer silicone tips on the earbuds for comfort and added grip. These earbuds can be used while doing water sports or activities involving sweat as they are IPX4 rated (certified splash resistance).

JLab Audio Epic Air ANC True Wireless Bluetooth 5 Earbuds

The JLab Epic Air ANC comes with features such as 12+ hours of claimed Bluetooth playtime in each earbud and 36+ additional hours from the charging case. That’s 48+ hours of playtime. Plus, one can use ANC to tune out the noise around them. They will get 32+ total hours of Bluetooth ANC playtime, hence promising long battery life. It comes with a new JLab Air ANC app, and through this, you can customise the Active Noise Control settings, touch controls, and sound to your personal preference – or you can use the presets for JLab Signature, Balance or Bass Boost. Moreover, you get software updates for your product right when they’re available. The product is designed with an infrared sensor in each bud, which means your music will pause automatically when you take them out of your ear and continue playing immediately when you place the earbuds back in. 

OPPO ENCO W51 True Wireless Earphone

In the Oppo ENCO earphones, there is no latency differentiation between the main headphone and secondary headphone, allowing the connection stability and Bluetooth latency to reach industry-leading levels, according to the brand. This ensures that your earphones provide top-notch sound quality without any distractions or disturbances. It optimises Bluetooth decoding to improve the transmission speed of audio signals. Further, the headphones will automatically detect whether you are wearing or not wearing them and play or pause the music accordingly. The headphones will automatically connect to the device when the charging case is open. They will automatically disconnect when the case is closed. 

OnePlus Buds Z

The OnePlus Buds Z comes with a full charge right out of the box, and this means you get 20 hours of battery life - 5 hours in the earbuds and 15 hours in the charging case, as per the brand’s claims. Just 10 minutes of fast charging lets you enjoy an impressive three hours of audio, and with this, you will be good to take your earbuds anywhere you like. An IP55 rating on top of this ensures water and sweat resistance which means you can participate in water sports or extensive activities while using these earbuds. The hydrophobic nano-coating repels water, providing protection from corrosion. The OnePlus Buds Z are also built to last and withstand some of the most intense sessions in the gym. The additional features included are Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, dual-microphones, and OnePlus noise reduction algorithms that should combine to deliver good call clarity and stability. 

TRANYA T10-B Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

The TRANYA T10-B earbuds use the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which claims to create an unbreakable connection between your device and the earbuds making your listening experience effortless without having to worry about disconnection in the middle of a call or movie. They claim to offer a seamless sound experience while you are gaming or listen to music. The Tranya T10B earbuds provide an ultra-low-latency connection to ensure a reliable transmission with near-zero delay, making the earbuds ideal for playing STG games like FAU-G, CODM and FORTNITE etc. The Tranya T10B Wireless earbuds also come with a Type-C cable, which can be used to charge the earbuds for just 10 minutes to get more than 1 hour of listening, according to the brand. Moreover, they have IPX7-rated protection that defends against liquids in any conditions. 

Wings Phantom Earphones

The Wings Phantom comes with a dedicated gaming mode that offers a latency of 65-ms for a lag-free gaming experience. The brand claims that this is the lowest-ever latency compared with all the other earbuds in the market. The Phantom Case features LED lights that indicate the battery status of the case, which makes it easier for the user to discern when to charge the earbuds. They also come with large 12mm Titanium coated drivers designed to create HD bass sound effects that hit louder with every shot, making your music experience a memorable one. You can change songs, adjust volume, and answer calls, all with simple touch controls on the left and right earbuds. The charging case comes with a slot where the mobile phone can be rested face-up for easy binge-watching. 

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