Studio headsets for outstanding music quality on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 24 Feb 2021 18:09 IST
Studio headsets for outstanding music quality on Amazon India
Studio headsets for outstanding music quality on Amazon India

Studio headsets are not for everyone – they are built with audiophiles and music producers in mind. These headphones provide unparalleled sound quality, and if you haven’t experienced it, you’re missing out. Studio headsets are must-haves for sound designers, backstage sound technicians, musicians, DJs and audio engineers. They offer a range of features which don’t even make it to standard consumer-grade headphones such as open-back designs, asymmetrical earcups, acoustic adaptability and extreme levels of sound personalisation. So, if you’re someone who works in sound and requires an upgrade, check out some of these studio headsets for outstanding music quality which you can buy from Amazon. 

Sennheiser Over Ear HD 820 Headphones (Black)

Sennheiser Over Ear HD 820 Headphones (Black) comes with a lot of dynamic features and functions. Its unique ring radiator allows for music sensitivity up to 103 dB level. It looks similar to other Sennheiser 800-series headphones. The available glass driver offers it a classy look. The headphone box consists of an instruction booklet, USB flash drive, cables and microfiber cloth as well. Its slightly elevated treble and bass quality let you enjoy the realistic sound with acoustic effects while playing instrumental music. 

HIFIMAN Ananda Over Ear

Here is a pair of headphones that is full of high-quality features. The HIFIMAN Ananda over-ear headsets come with planner magnetic drivers with ultra-thin diaphragms, to give clear and crisp audio quality. The planner drivers are flat, unlike traditional cone-shaped drivers, which give you better sound output. The headsets are suitable for listening to all kinds of musical genres such as EDM, pop music, jazz, blues, rock, vocal performances and even classical music. Not only that, the headphones are great for studio work as well, as they come with an open back design, impressive sound details and good surround sound. These headsets come with updated 3.5mm audio jacks, which claims to offer better performance than previous models. 

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

Beyerdynamic DT 990 headsets come with relaxing deep velour ear pads for continuous use. It comes with a 3mm long non-removable cable. The headphones have an impedance level of 250Ohms and a light-weighted diaphragm which makes the music sound very natural and airy. These open-back headphones are great for audiophiles looking for micro details while listening to audio. 

Beyerdynamic Amiron

The Beyerdynamic Amiron is a pair of studio-grade headsets which provide good quality sound wirelessly. You can have these comfortable headphones on your ears at all times, while you move around and take your high-quality music wherever you go. Wirelessly, the headset supports audio codecs such as Apple’s AAC, FLAC, and Qualcomm aptX HD. When wired, the headset will automatically provide better sound quality using the same audio formats as it is optimised for high-resolution audio. For wireless convenience, the headset has touch controls on the earcups, which are handy and easy to use. Using the phone app, you can further fine-tune your experience with the headset for any musical genre or any kind of studio work. 

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