Earphones with in-line controls on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 22 Mar 2021 14:03 IST
Earphones with in-line controls on Amazon India
Earphones with in-line controls on Amazon India

When it comes to wired earphones, getting a pair with in-line controls always helps. The in-line controls on earphones provide hassle-free control as the set of buttons is situated on the cable itself. With the help of these in-line controls, you can remotely control music playback, turn up or down the volume as you please, and some even give you the functionality to access your phone’s smart assistant. Not only that, earphones with in-line controls provide good quality audio and are very cost-effective, making them great picks for users on a budget. So, if you’re in the market for a pair of wired earphones, check out some of these earphones with in-line controls on Amazon.

Blaupunkt EM10 Wired Earphone

Blaupunkt is well known in the audio industry for its high-quality audio products. Here is a wired earphone that comes with not only in-line controls, in the form of a multifunction button, but also an in-line mic, which is highly convenient. The multifunction button allows you to play, pause, skip, rewind music, and even access the smart assistant on your phone. The earphones connect to your phone using the good old 3.5mm audio jack. The earphones are also ergonomically designed to fit your ears for extended periods without causing discomfort. The company claims that the earphones come with super high bass, which is good for watching content and listening to all kinds of music. 

Boult Audio BassBuds X1 in-Ear Wired Earphones

These earphones from Boult Audio are great for those who want good sound quality, a lightweight earphone, a premium finish, and an ergonomic fit. The earphones come with an in-line remote, which allows you to answer and reject calls, play and pause music, and make use of voice commands. The earphones have extended ear tips to fit comfortably in your ear canal, and ear lobe and are also IPX5 water-resistant. Incidentally, the earphones come with sizable 10mm audio drivers, which should make for dynamic sounds. Additionally, the company claims the 10mm drivers are capable of extra bass and high definition audio. The cables are also quite sturdy, which makes them a good pick in the long run.

realme Buds 2

Most wired earphones look pretty much the same, but the realme Buds 2 add a splash of colour and personality to them. Not only are these earphones stylish, but also quite sturdy, in that they come with reinforced cables for longer life. They feature a simple, tried and tested design that fits users well, even for long hours of music playback. The earphones’ in-line remote offers a good range of functionality- it has a multifunction button and volume rockers, giving you dynamic control of your music. It also has an in-line mic to make for better audio during calls. As for audio reproduction, they come with 11.2mm drivers which are tuned to give crisp bass and an impressive sound stage. 

Mi Earphone Basic

One of the most budget-friendly options on the list, the Mi Earphone Basic blends good quality audio output with a functional design and in-line control features. The earphones feature a mic on one cable and a multifunction button on the other. The mic can be used to make audio calls, and get your voice across quite clearly, while the multifunction button is useful for controlling music playback such as pausing, skipping or rewinding content. In fact, the mic can also be used to access your phone’s smart assistant. Mi claims that the 10mm drivers on the earphone are capable of super extra bass and HD clear sound, which brings quite a lot of value for your money.

boAt Bassheads 242

If you’re looking for style and functionality, this earphone is for you. It comes with a dedicated voice assistant button, unlike in other in-line earphones. Apart from that, the sport quite a unique design, with extended earlobe support for added comfort- be it while travelling or working out. Speaking of working out, the earphones are lightweight and come with IPX4 sweat and water resistance, enabling them to handle anything from light rains to heavy workouts. It also has a mic built-in in-line controls. Sound output is delivered by 10mm audio drivers, which are standard in such earphones. With these, you also get a cable management clip and a carrying case. 

pTron Pride Lite HBE

Here is a pair of earphones with quite a range of features in the in-line remote control. The remote has a mic, volume rockers, and a multifunction button. The company claims that it has an HD mic for clear audio transfer on voice or video calls. If you're in a crowded space, you can easily reach the remote and control music playback without pulling your phone out of your pocket. As is standard in earphones of this kind, it comes with 10mm sound drivers and a lightweight design. However, these earphones have metallic earbuds, which are sturdy, sweat-resistant and durable, just like the hardened 1.2-meter cable. 

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