Waterproof earphones to make your swim enjoyable on Amazon India

By Prabhat Bhor | Published 13 Nov 2020 16:38 IST
Waterproof earphones to make your swim enjoyable on Amazon India
Waterproof earphones to make your swim enjoyable on Amazon India

With your professional life being hectic, it is essential to give your body and mind a break. For some that could be taking a jog across the neighbourhood, and for others, it could be swimming in the backyard pool. The latter works out to be the best bet when you can play music while swimming. Of course, you can’t just wear any headphones in the pool. Listed below are some waterproof earphone options to make swimming more enjoyable. These are readily available on Amazon and have been chosen because of their listed features.

Swimbuds SPORT Headphones

These Swimbuds SPORT Headphones have a memory storage capacity of 8GB which means you can drag and drop many of your most loved playlists into this device (approximately 2000 songs). It also comes with three tactile buttons that you can use to control music playback. Moreover, the earphones come pre-packed with batteries and also offer 25 different ear cushion options for a comfortable fit. Predominantly designed for use in the swimming pool, it can handle submersion up to 10ft. It is also compatible with Mac and Windows systems, so you shouldn’t have any trouble hooking it up to your desktop or laptop.

Jaybird Tarah Pro Wireless Sport headphones

These waterproof Bluetooth earphones are said to deliver premium sound quality. These earphones are compatible with the Jaybird App, which lets you customise the sound EQ and save personal settings to buds. One of the most impressive features of this device is that 5-minutes of charging provides two full hours of playtime, according to the brand. So you can quickly top-up your headphones and be on your way. On top of all this, the earphone is said to be fully waterproof, crushproof, drop-proof, and sweatproof.

Egotic Fusion 2.0 Bluetooth Earphones

The Egotic Fusion 2.0 Bluetooth Earphones are a pocket-friendly option for those looking for waterproof headphones. While they may be at a budget, the headphones are said to offer eight to nine hours of music playtime, eight hours of calling time, and 250 hours of standby time. It also features the company’s Fusion 2.0 tech which is said to offer improved bass. Other features include noise isolation and compatibility with both iPhones and Androids.

Decibel 9 Skybeat Bluetooth Earphones

The Decibel 9 Skybeat offers 32GB of onboard storage, which is said to be enough for nearly 10,000 songs. Which means that you should have more than enough space for all your favourite tunes. As with other headphones in this list, it too is waterproof and dustproof. Other features include Bluetooth 5.0, which should ensure better connectivity and greater range.

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