Best wired headphones for an immersive listening experience on Amazon India

A great pair of headphones can make you lose yourself in the music, thanks to the immersive experience they provide. Here are some that promise just that and more.

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published 18 Mar 2021 19:18 IST
Best wired headphones for an immersive listening experience on Amazon India
Best wired headphones for an immersive listening experience on Amazon India

Music as an art form is meant to be enjoyed while being submerged in it. Hearing all the different nuances of the tracks - how each instrument harmoniously combines with the others, how each note is produced to elicit a certain emotion - makes it a complex and beautiful experience. However, to enjoy music in this manner, one needs the proper gear. Higher quality transducers such as those on good headphones reproduce music much more faithfully and hence immerse us fully in the experience while heightening our enjoyment. Here are some great headphone choices from right here on Amazon. These have been chosen based on their specifications and features.

Sennheiser HD 820

If you are looking for professional-grade premium wired headphones, then the Sennheiser HD 820 should do you justice. The handcrafted earpads prevent ambient noises to the fullest. Silver-clad OFC cables and gold-plated plugs are some of the high-end materials used in this pair of headphones. All this, when combined, should deliver an immersive studio-quality sound output. The brand has used a unique design to build this device by fitting the ring radiator transducers in a concave transparent glass cover. This design has more to it than just aesthetics. Glass is used to reflect sound waves from the rear end of the transducer to an absorber. As a result, the sound output has minimal resonance, improving the music-listening experience, claims the brand.

Audio-Technica ATH-M60X

The ATH-M60X is a successor to the popular M50X headphones from Audio Technica. It’s a wired on-ear headphone that uses 45mm, large-aperture drivers, with “rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminium” wire voice coils, as seen on its predecessor. The company also boasts of its durability as it’s made of metal components. It’s also claimed to offer pro-level audio performance with clarity throughout an extended frequency range and accurate bass response. The fit is comfortable due to the use of good quality memory foam on the earcups and headband, which can also be detached for replacement.

HiFiMan Sundara

Named after the Sanskrit word for “Beautiful”, the HiFiMan Sundara lives up to its name in both its appearance and music reproduction. The open back earcups feature a beautiful cross-hatched mesh pattern that complements the understated black metal and black leather construction admirably. The Neo supernano diaphragm is extraordinarily thin and allows the planar magnets inside to move it much faster, resulting in more accurate reproduction of the entire spectrum, particularly the bass frequencies. At 372g, the headphone is fairly light, and the self-adjusting headband and the leather ear cups make for a comfortable listening experience. If you enjoy bass and are looking for something different from the regular dynamic drivers that most headphones come with, the HifiMan Sundara is the way to go.

Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro

The DT 880 Pro is among the most popular wired studio headphones from the company because of its natural and vibrant sound signature. The best part about this headphone, apart from the pro-grade sound, is that it has been in the market for the last 20 years and its components, it is claimed, will be available as replacements for many years to come. It looks great and offers a comfortable fit with the help of its adjustable soft padded headband and earcup cushions. It’s made in a way that all its parts are easily serviceable and replaceable if required.

Philips Audio X2HR Fidelio Over Ear Headphones

The Philips X2HR Fidelio features an open-back design, built for comfort and long listening sessions. The back of the earcups has vents that allow air into the driver resulting in music that sounds more natural. The large 50mm neodymium drivers are powerful and can reproduce music faithfully with a lot of details. The drivers are also pre-tilted to minimise unwanted harmonic distortions from within the earcup. A self-adjusting headband with a 3D mesh texture helps distribute the weight of the headphone evenly over your head for a comfortable listening experience, even for prolonged use. The velour earcups are breathable, helping keep your ears cool. If you are looking for comfortable headphone and a wide soundstage, the Philips Audio X2HR Fidelio is your friend.

V-Moda Crossfade m-100 Master Headphones

Most high-quality headphones tend to be a little fragile since they involve a lot of careful engineering with tight tolerances that can go askew if treated roughly. Thankfully, that is not a worry with the V-Moda Crossfade m-100 Master headphones. Built using “Virtually Indestructible” SteelFlex material that can take mind-boggling amounts of physical abuse, the Crossfade m-100 Master are the tanks of the headphones world. These are bass-heavy headphones aimed more towards newer music genres such as EDM, which require thumping bass to be properly enjoyed. The dual-diaphragm 50mm drivers on the Crossfade are happy to oblige in that department. V-Moda headphones are also compatible with a wide range of accessories, from boom mics to customisable steel shields, to truly make your headphones unique. If you prioritise durability along with great audio, the V-Moda Crossfade m-100 Master headphones are a good bet.

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