Best earphones with braided cables on Amazon India

By Alvin Andrew Cabral | Published 22 Mar 2021 12:09 IST
Best earphones with braided cables on Amazon India
Best earphones with braided cables on Amazon India

Earphones with braided cables are a lifesaver to those of us who travel and listen top music as we do. How often have we found a mess of tangled cables in our bags, and broken a wire while trying to detangle them? With braided cables, the risk of entanglement is lowerand the chances of damage are definitely far less. We list out some options for you to consider if you’ve had enough of wasting time unravelling your earphones every day. 

Realme Buds 2 

The powerful bass boost driver gives you the best sound quality. There are three tactile buttons along with a mic making it easy to control audio, receive calls and even use voice assistants with just one button. The braided jacket and TPU cables keep it from being damaged. The neckband is made with a memory metal string that is completely tangle-free for the best user experience. 

boAt Bassheads 162

You get the volume tanked up with the Bassheads 162, for its sensitivity levels are at 109 ± 3 dB. Its 10 mm drivers transmit HD audio, with vibrant bass that doesn’t shade out the vocals, right into your head. Its dual tone, tangle-free, superior coated PVC braided cable ends in a gold-plated 3.5 mm plug which is angled for ease of connection to any device with a corresponding jack. The gold plating enhances conductivity and also reduces the chances of corrosion. It has an in-line microphone and multi-function button so that you can attend to incoming calls with ease. Lastly, there’ll always be a glint in your ears because the earbuds are of a metallic finish.   

LUMIFORD Ultimate U20 

The inline controls make it extremely easy to manage your audio. You can skip or pause tracks and accept calls without having to touch your phone. It comes with 3 rubber caps that fit all ears comfortably. The 1.2 meter long, tangle-free cables make the experience even better. For optimal audio and calling, these earphones also come with the good bass drivers and HD microphones. 

Crovell Rock 101

Crovell’s Rock 101 in-ear earphones give you HD stereo sound and super extra bass that’ll keep you headbanging all day. The braided cable is untwisted and so has a smooth yet secure feel to it. The ultra-soft earbuds fit comfortably into your ears, providing passive noise cancellation at the same time. It has an in-line volume control slider and a noise-cancelling microphone, so that you can be heard clearly. Also present are a call button and an NK/IP mode switch. These earphones are compatible with both Android and iOS devices, such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones, or even audio players, while connectivity is via a gold-plated 3.5 mm angled plug.  

Crossloop Pro

The Crossloop Pro has an alluringly serpentine purple and blue colouring for its tangle-free, reinforced (for better durability and screening) braided cable, which terminates in a gold-plated 3.5 mm straight plug. The angled earbuds (for better fitting in the ears) house metallic drivers, which give you extra bass, and 10 mm fibre diaphragms, which the company claims can triple the frequency output. It has an in-line microphone, volume controls and multi-function button, through which you can play, pause or skip tracks; receive calls or hang up; and even activate voice commands with ease.   

pTron Boom Ultima V2

These earphones would be of especial interest to the gamer because of their dual 8 mm drivers and high resolution diaphragms, which deliver more mids and trebles and much more bass than standard mono drivers. The in-line controls include a volume slider and a multi-function button for Play, Pause and Skip tracks; for receiving, rejecting and terminating calls; and for activating a voice assistant. The in-line controller also has an inbuilt HD microphone, which makes taking calls easy, even in noisy environments. Its 3.5 mm gold-plated straight plug can be connected to a wide variety of audio devices. The silicone earbuds are angled at 120 degrees so that they fit comfortably in the ear canal and thus assist in passive noise cancellation, while the 1.2 m tangle-free braided cable allows you enough breathing space away from your audio device. 

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