Anti-loss straps for AirPods on Amazon India

By Poorvi Bose | Published 23 Oct 2020 17:40 IST
Anti-loss straps for AirPods on Amazon India
Anti-loss straps for AirPods on Amazon India

Buying Airpods with a new iPhone is enticing; however, their small form factor means that you can easily misplace them. To avoid this, there are anti-loss straps created by many brands that are easily attached to Airpods and prevent one from losing them. Many brands sell the straps in a set of 5 products along with an Airpods case, carabiner, watch holder, etc. All of these pieces in a set help in keeping Airpods safe. Here are some good anti-loss straps for Airpods.

Hamee Silicone 5 in 1

This is a sturdy and sleek looking set of 5 pieces in 1. Made up of silicone material, it has a shock-absorbing protective case for Airpods, that evenly distributes the impact over the entire case. There is also a dust plug at the bottom of the case that keeps the charging point free of dust. The soft silicone anti-loss strap ensures the Airpods do not fall out when doing any activity and prevents one from losing it by keeping the strap around the neck. The portable carabiner helps attach the case on any bag or strap. It also comes with a watch band holder and ear tips set.

Elove Silicone Shockproof

Made of premium silicone material, this Airpods case is long-lasting and leaves no fingerprints or dust on it. It is an anti-shock and anti-slip case that can be cleaned and washed easily. This is easy to use for a wireless charging case without needing any cord or taking the cover off. The front LED is also visible from the case. It also has a cutout slot to charge the case without removing it. The anti-lost strap attaches well to the Airpods. The watch holder makes it easy to travel with the Airpods.

Sounce Airpods Case Set 5 in 1 Black

Made specifically for Airpods 1 and 2, this silicone case is impact resistant, light, thin to touch and scratch-proof. It has precise cutouts to charge the case. The anti-loss straps are flexible and made of quality silicone. By wearing it around the neck, the Airpods can be used while doing any sports activities. The ear hooks are comfortable and keep the Airpods anchored to your inner ear with a soft grip. These also help in increasing sound isolation. The case enables access to the sync button and lightning charger point.

Cellfather Magnetic Anti-Lost Strap

This silicone Airpod holder strap helps in keeping the Airpods in place while performing even high-intensity activities. The anti-loss strap is made of magnet, so it is not easy to separate the strap and the Airpods. It can be firmly fixed around the neck. The material is made of soft silicone and is durable, eco-friendly, and has high elasticity. It has high tensile strength and is not easily breakable. The superior design enables it to have a longer life. The Airpods are easily installable in the magnetic straps. It is both beautiful and functional.

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