Affordable earphones with Active Noise Cancellation on Amazon India

By Rishabh | Published 23 Apr 2021 15:48 IST
Affordable earphones with Active Noise Cancellation on Amazon India
Affordable earphones with Active Noise Cancellation on Amazon India

Active noise cancellation is a great feature to have on a set of wireless earphones. It allows you to completely shut off the rest of the world and have some peace with yourself. Not only that, but earphones with active noise cancellation also promise good, impactful sound quality, which is a must in any kind of earphone. However, earphones with active noise cancellation can get quite expensive, and not everyone has a budget to match. So, if you’re looking for a pair of earphones that come with noise cancelling, and don’t want to spend a fortune on it, check out some of these affordable earphones with active noise cancellation available on Amazon. 

Ticwatch TicPods ANC Active Noise Cancellation True Wireless Earbuds

These are a set of earphones with a good set of features that complement the noise-cancelling technology. They come with IPX5 Sweat and Water Resistance, which means that you can completely cut out the rest of the world and concentrate on your workout. These earphones put your music at the forefront, backed by a powerful 13mm sound driver that delivers impactful sound on every beat. Apart from that, the earphones also have touch controls on the earbuds themselves, making them all the more user friendly and intuitive. The silicone ear tips ensure a comfortable fit and a good seal that doesn’t let in outside noise. For long hours of music listening, you also get a claimed battery life of 21 hours. 

realme Buds Air 2 with Active Noise Cancellation

Here’s a set of earphones that blend functionality and style. They come with active noise cancelling at a low cost, which is a neat addition to the impressive sound quality and a long-lasting battery. The sound is handled by large, 10mm DLC audio drivers, which ensure that sound is crisp and clear even at high volume levels. Equipped with a noise-cancelling algorithm, these earbuds’ dual microphones facilitate clear audio on calls for uninterrupted conversations- the noise cancellation is extended to music playback too. The comfortable silicone tips ensure that the earbud sits snug in your ear. It also packs IPX5 Water resistance for use in rugged environments. 

Edifier TWS NB2 True Wireless Active Noise Canceling Earbuds

The Edifier TWS NB2 earbuds bring all the high-end earbuds features to you at a very affordable price. The earbuds themselves have a stylish design, which helps set them apart from the competition. These earbuds also grant you access to the touch controls that let you control all basic functions and also help dynamically shift the noise-cancelling technology on or off, depending on your surroundings. If you’re crossing the road and need the noise cancellation off for a short while, you can do that with a single touch. The sound quality itself is pretty good and will satisfy most users who like a balanced sound. Apart from that, the earbuds come in a compact case, which is easy to carry around, making these a viable pick for frequent travellers.

OPPO ENCO W51 True Wireless Earphone

For users who are on a budget and don’t want to compromise on the comfort aspect, the OPPO Enco earphones are viable options. They come at a very affordable price, silicone tips for a comfortable and snug fit. They have touch buttons at the sides of the earbuds, which you can use to control the music. At the price range, getting a pair of truly wireless earphones is pretty hard, however, these give you the wireless functionality and a comfortable fit which is perfect for gaming sessions, long music listening sessions, and more such use cases. The carrying case is sleek, which adds a touch of style. The noise-cancelling feature is also quite neat if you’re working in crowded spaces or using them while travelling. 

Skullcandy Method Active Noise Cancellation Wireless Earphone

This is a neckband style earphone, which for many is a lot more convenient than a set of truly wireless earphones. These earphones come with noise-cancelling, which drains the battery, but also support fast charging.  The company claims it has up to 6 hours of playback on a full battery, which you can recharge using rapid charge. For rugged use, it has IPX4 sweat and water resistance. The magnetic buds allow you to conserve battery when you’re not using the earphones. They also come with controls on the cable, which is quite handy, as you don’t have to reach into your phone to control music playback. The lightweight design goes a long way in making them versatile. 

realme Buds Wireless Pro with Active Noise Cancellation

Want a versatile earphone that delivers an impressive sound output and also provides active noise cancellation? Check out the realme Buds Wireless Pro, as they come with ANC up to 35db, which is good for most environments. The company claims this is one of the most advanced Bluetooth earphones in its segment. It comes with support for LDAC codec support and Hi-resolution audio, which makes it good not just for music listeners but also for movie buffs and other kinds of users. The realme Buds Wireless Pro is specially designed for all kinds of music lovers. Incidentally, the HD microphone ensures high-quality calls, and with environmental noise cancellation, the caller on the other side will be able to hear you clearly as well.

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