WiFi streaming dongles for HDMI displays on Amazon India

By Robert Sovereign Smith | Published on 24 Nov 2020
WiFi streaming dongles for HDMI displays on Amazon India
WiFi streaming dongles for HDMI displays on Amazon India

There are times when you want to share your phone screen with the whole family, or just cast music, pictures or streaming content on to your TV. Whether it’s sharing a funny video on the internet, a family member’s social media pictures or even a video forwarded to you on a chat application, sharing in caring. Those who have smart TVs with inbuilt Chromecast or other similar functionalities can do this out of the box. For the rest of us who do not have smart TVs, the following type of devices are the only solution. 

Mobielectro WiFi HDMI Display Dongle

This HDMI dongle from Mobielectro promises to be very easy to setup, and will allow you to cast all types of content from your Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows or Google Android device on to your TV. It connects to the TV via an HDMI port, and can be powered using a USB port on the same TV, or using pretty much any 5 volt mobile charger you have lying about. It comes with the cables needed to connect it bundled, and an HDMI cable extension in case the HDMI port on the TV is oddly placed. It supports 2.4 GHz WiFi connectivity (802.11b/g/n/ - 150 Mbps), with support for WPS, so that you just use the simple WPS button on your router to allow it to connect. 

Anycast Wireless WiFi 1080P HDMI Display 

With support for a resolution of up to 1080p, this Anycast wireless display receiver can mirror the screens of a large range of devices on your TV, projector or computer monitor. It’s basically a replacement for what would otherwise be a long cable from your device to your TV by sending the video stream over your home WiFi connection. With support for a wide range of casting standards such as Chromecast, Miracast, DLNA, Apple Airplay and Ezmira, you can use this to cast anything from pictures and videos to office documents and presentations to your TV, and also supports normal streaming protocols like YouTube or social media. Remember, like most devices in this category it does not allow streaming of DRM protected video from apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime.  


The AUSHA Q1 HDMI dongle supports a resolution of 1080p, and can mirror mobile devices, laptops and tablets on to your TV, projector, monitor or anything with an HDMI input. It supports Miracast, DLNA and Airplay, and you can use it to play non-DRMed content, surf the web or just view photos on your TV. The unique puck design with lights that showcase a breathing effect when the device is powered on will make you want to show off this product instead of hiding it behind a TV like most other dongles. By far, the most unique feature of this device is the ability to connect over the older AV connections, so that you can connect it to even an old CRT TV, or just hook up some analogue speakers using the AV out just for audio output. 

HDMI Dongle USB WiFi Adaptor 

This HDMI Dongle promises up to 4K UHD output, and even promises HDR (High Dynamic Range) output. It claims to support DLNA and Airplay, and can be used to play non-DRM video, audio, pictures and web browsing, as well as displaying office documents. You can also mirror your phone or tablet’s screen to share entertainment with the whole family.  

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