Smartwatches with replaceable straps on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 16 Oct 2020
Smartwatches with replaceable straps on Amazon India
Smartwatches with replaceable straps on Amazon India

A lot of people are getting on the smartwatch bandwagon now, because health and fitness is taken a lot more seriously now. With the ability to change straps, it’s easier to flaunt your style or just get a new look for every occasion! Top all that off with activity tracking, workouts, taking calls and reading messages and even monitoring your heart rate and SpO2 levels, and you have a device that might soon be just as ubiquitous as a cellphone. We’re here to find the best of all worlds by listing four smartwatches with replaceable straps that do everything we’ve mentioned and more! These products have been selected based on their listed features.

Apple Watch SE

If you are looking for a stylish smartwatch to truly make a fashion statement, then the Apple Watch SE is a good option to consider. It comes with a big Retina OLED display, which delivers a visual output that is bright, vivid and clear, according to the brand. You can easily track your daily activities on the watch and then see your fitness trends on the Fitness app. Swimming, running, cycling, walking, yoga and dancing are just some of the physical activities during which you can track your body’s performance. Furthermore, it monitors your heart rate continuously and notifies you immediately if it goes too high or too low and even if it beats irregularly. Finally, it comes with multiple options of straps to choose from, enabling you to change them as per your convenience.

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music

If you are looking for a smartwatch that enables you to store songs in it, and also has a replaceable strap, then the Garmin Forerunner 245 Music should do you justice. You can store more than 500 songs on this smartwatch to have your collection of music right on your wrist. As a result, you no longer need to carry your smartphone to play music during your workouts. Just connect your Bluetooth earphones with the watch and you are all set. Furthermore, the smartwatch calculates various fitness-related metrics during your training sessions to give you an idea about whether you are undertraining or overtraining. Finally, it also helps with advanced running analysis by spotting metrics like stride length, ground contact time balance, distance covered and vertical ratio.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Here is a smartwatch that should interest all fitness enthusiasts, because it comes with 120+ home workout plans, which you can use to achieve your fitness goals faster. Moreover, it supports advanced running analysis and monitors SpO2 levels, enabling you to track your fitness levels even at high altitudes. One of the unique features of this smartwatch is that it sports a precision rotating bezel, which you can use to navigate between the apps present on the device. Also, it has an advanced accelerometer to detect falls or accidents, which then prompts the device to send SOS messages to the contacts in your emergency list. It has has loads of strap options to allow you to match all occasions if you want to. 

Honor Magic Watch 2

A smartwatch with a sporty look, the Honor Magic Watch 2 will make a good wrist companion everywhere. It’s got a waterproof body, which should enable you to take it for a swim when at a pool or at the beach, as per company claims. It supports 14 other sports like cycling, running, treadmill running, trekking and more, which should make it ideal for sports enthusiasts across various fields. Another helpful feature of this smartwatch is that it delivers a battery backup of 14 days under optimal conditions, as per company claims. Finally, it has 4GB of internal memory, which can be used to store your favourite songs.

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