Waterproof backpacks for 15-inch laptops on Amazon India

By Dwaipayan Roy | Published on 01 May 2020
Waterproof backpacks for 15-inch laptops on Amazon India
Waterproof backpacks for 15-inch laptops on Amazon India

Be it for students or working professionals, owning a laptop is an essential requirement. They are not only easy to use but can also be carried everywhere so that you can work on the go. In order to make sure that you can actually carry your laptop anywhere without a care in the world, you need a waterproof laptop backpack that protects your device in the event you get stuck in a downpour. To help you find the right backpack for your needs, we’ve curated a list of four waterproof backpacks available on Amazon. Do note that these products were selected based on the features they offer.

OZOY anti-theft water-resistant backpack

Want a laptop backpack that safeguards your device from rain and theft at the same time? Well, you can take a look at this offering from OZOY. Thanks to its durable nylon and oxford fabric which is dust and waterproof at the same time, you can rest assured that your device should be safe even when you take it out in the rain. A feature which we really liked was the inclusion of anti-theft zipper and covered interlayer in the backpack, which is aimed at protecting the device from thieves. Those seeking convenience will breathe easy knowing that there is an external USB charging port with a cable attached to it. Simply plug the ends of the cable with a power bank and your device of choice and you are ready to go. To make the backpack visible in the dark, it comes outfitted with a reflective stripe on its front.

ZIXing unisex laptop backpack

This backpack makes a good companion for commutes to the office or school. An interesting feature is that the bag has an ergonomic design and distributes the weight across the body, thanks to the padded straps and back panel. The company says that this reduces the burden on the shoulder. When it comes to materials, the backpack is made of polyester both inside and out, making it lightweight and tough at the same time. The backpack is also resistant to chemicals and heat. Apart from the compartment for a laptop, the bag also comes with multiple ports, zipper compartments and bottle holders to hold other goods and accessories in place even when you are running to catch that metro or engaged in some outdoor activity like trekking.

iCozzier ultralight waterproof backpack

What separates this backpack from the rest is its camouflage design which is bound to turn heads wherever you go. Also, the material is waterproof and extremely lightweight which not only makes carrying this bag an easy task but also ensures your laptop is protected from the rain. Ideally meant for storing a 15-inch laptop, this bag can also be used to carry other goods such as accessories at the same time thanks to its large capacity and multiple pockets. Carry clothes, smartphones, umbrellas and magazines without any worry. You also get a USB charging port to ensure your electronic devices never run out of juice and an anti-theft guard to ensure their safety. To make sure that carrying the bag does not feel like a burden, the shoulder pads and the body have been filled with foam. This should also protect your devices from bumps.

Shadow Securitronics waterproof backpack

Thanks to the water-resistant and anti-scratch fabric, your laptop should be safeguarded against unexpected rainfall always. Plus, the company claims that any marks such as tea or coffee stains can be wiped in 5 minutes, thanks to the fabric that is used. Both inside and out, the bag is made of tear-resistant and anti-slash nylon fabric, giving the bag a fresh appearance, while also protecting it from thieves who may try to use blades to get into the bag. The bag also comes with padded shoulder straps for even weight distribution. A big plus is the inclusion of two noctilucent strips, which should make stealing your devices very difficult. They can be used to ensure safety while travelling at night. Along with all this, you get an elastic bandage to attach the backpack to another bag while travelling and USB charging ports with connector cables to ensure you can charge your electronic devices with ease.

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