Wall chargers with quick charge 3.0 compatibility on Amazon India

By Sudhanshu Singh | Published on 22 Jun 2020
Wall chargers with quick charge 3.0 compatibility on Amazon India
Wall chargers with quick charge 3.0 compatibility on Amazon India

Most latest smartphones come with at least 18W fast charging support and the ones which sport a Qualcomm chipset also support Quick Charge technology. Sadly, not all manufacturers provide a fast charger in the box even when the phone supports it. But there’s always an option to invest in a third-party charger that is supported by your smartphone. If you are looking for a wall charger that can support your phone with Quick Charge, don’t forget to check out our list of four such chargers available on Amazon. 

Stuffcool Super Flash 18W Qualcomm QC 3.0 charger

The Super Flash charger from Stuffcool is an 18W fast charger that comes with universal compatibility. This means it can fast-charge smartphones from different brands using 18W power. It is Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 compatible, but that’s not all, it also supports Oppo’s Vooc charging, OnePlus Dash charge, Motorola Turbo Power and Samsung’s Adaptive Fast charging among others. The charger comes with a smart IC inside that identifies the power requirement of the smartphone and provides with supply accordingly. This essentially eliminates the risk of overheating or other voltage related problems.

Ambrane AQC-56 Quick Charge 3.0A Fast Wall Charger

The AQC-56 is a Quick Charge 3.0 enabled wall charger with 5V-3A, 9V-2A/ 12V-1.5 output. Its key feature is the surge protection that claims to provide all-round safety from voltage fluctuations resulting in short circuit or overheating. The company claims that it is compatible with all existing mobile phone brands to work seamlessly with their proprietary charging technology.

Anker Quick Charge 3.0 18W USB Wall Charger

This is a premium offering from a renowned manufacturer Anker. It not just comes with Quick Charge 3.0 but also has PowerIQ technology that is claimed to charge any tablet, smartphone or power bank at fastest possible charging rates. It has backwards compatibility with all versions of Quick Charge technology (QC 1.0, QC 2.0) and also charges non-Quick Charge devices up to 2.4A power. Anker claims to provide surge protection, temperature control and other safety features to avoid any kind of risk due to voltage inconsistency.

AMX XP 30 Q.C 3.0 18W Quick Charge

The XP 30 is one of the most powerful wall chargers in the list as it can charge with maximum 18W at 3A on supported devices. The company also claims that it is well built using high-grade polycarbonate and ABS Plastic and it weighs 200grams, that should make it easy to carry in a small pocket.

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