USB-C adapter with a headphone port for phones on Amazon India

By Amar Kondekar | Published on 24 Feb 2021
USB-C adapter with a headphone port for phones on Amazon India
USB-C adapter with a headphone port for phones on Amazon India

With the majority of smartphone brands doing away with the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack in favour of a single USB Type-C port, most of us are left looking for alternatives for connecting our headphones while listening to music. In such cases, Type-C adapters with headphone ports can be a great alternative. Read on to know more about some quality Type-C adapters on Amazon that let you enjoy your music while still hanging on to your headphones.

Linklike USB C to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter

A good little device for all of us who still like our wired headphones or headsets, this USB C male to 3.5mm headphone and USB C female adapter is perfect for the job. You can charge your phone or tablet while listening to music using headphones or talking using a headset. It will also allow your device to fast charge just as it does when plugged in directly to the charger. It’s just 5.31 inches long and a mere 0.37 inches thick, so it will fit into most pockets without being noticeable, and at a mere 32 grams in weight, you’re likely to forget it is even there! 

CableCreation USB C to 3.5mm Headphone Audio Adapter

This device from CableCreation is a little different from the standard ones you get online. Most USB C male to USB C and 3.5 mm female adapters have a pretty standard design with a flexible wire that connects to the phone or tablet, which is connected to the switching device. While that design may work for most, some people prefer a solid device that attaches to the bottom of the phone without the flexible wire that can get caught and tangled with everything. This device will sit at the bottom of your phone and allow your headset or headphones and the charger to connect with it at right angles. Why would you need that? Anyone using their device in bed will tell you how irritating those wires can be, as they prevent you from propping the device on your chest. Another use case is in a car, where the device has to be seated in a mobile holder. Often, when you’re driving and realise your phone is running low on battery, you can’t plug in your charger because there just isn’t enough space below the phone to do so. Get this device and never face any of those irritations again! 

ESR Upgraded 2-in-1 USB-C PD Headphone Jack Adapter

One of the things that all of these USB C male to 3.5mm and USB C female adapters do is convert the digital audio signal from the phone or tablet into an analogue signal that your headset or headphones receive, and eventually which you hear. A small DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor) in the cable somewhere does this work. When choosing a cable like this, remember to look at the specs of that DAC. ESR, the makers of this cable, claim that the DAC is a high-res chip capable of 96 kHz/24-bit audio, which is fine for most headphones or headsets available. The adapter also supports fast charging, so if your phone and power adapter support it, you will not get any performance drop in fast charging numbers. What it does not support is data transfer, as it is purely meant for charging your phone or tablet whilst listening to music using wired headphones. 

Goldnetic Type-C to 3.5 MM & Charging Splitter

The Goldnetic USB C male to 3.5mm and USB C female adapter is made in India and marketed by the brand for OnePlus Nord users. The DAC on this cable adapter features noise reduction and high-resolution audio as well. The aim here is simple: to charge your phone while you listen to music using a simple, wired 3.5mm headphone. The design is a more classic one, and it will allow you to comfortably hold your phone in landscape mode as you game while this adapter is connected to it. You should have no trouble with this adapter as it does what it claims – allow you to continue using your favourite wired earphones. 

FASTX 4 in 1 Gold Audio Metal Type C to 3.5mm Aux Headphone Splitter

One of the biggest ways USB type C changed the game was to be reversible, doing away with the ghastly design of USB A ports, where we could just never get it right on the first try. While many love USB C for this change, many dislike it because of how small the port is and how quickly phone and tablet manufacturers did away with the 3.5mm jack, and for no good reason except to be able to force you to buy all new accessories. Thankfully products like this one from FastX thumb their nose at planned obsolescence by allowing you to keep using your trusty 3.5mm headphone set, even after brands have removed the headphone jack! As with all of these products, if you buy them, remember to connect the adapter first to the device and then connect your charger or 3.5mm headphone into the adapter later. Some phones or tablets don’t recognise the adapter or give a little bit of trouble if the charger or 3.5mm headphones are preconnected.  

ONCRO New Advanced 2 in 1 Mini Small Metal Connector

This Oncro adapter is pretty tiny compared to all the other adapters available that do the same job. You don’t get a length of cable here or any flexibility because this adapter is made of metal and is pretty sturdy. The DAC is capable of 24-bit/48 kHz audio, and if your headphones have any controls on them, they will work here too. The adapter will still work with Dash charging or whatever the fast charging system is on your phone. You can charge and take a call simultaneously, but you cannot use this for data transfer as you would a standard USB C cable to connect to a computer or laptop. It’s not meant to replace your existing data cable, though. Such devices are built solely so you don’t have to choose between two equally horrible scenarios – either listen to music and end up with a dead battery or charge your phone but allow everyone around you to hear whatever it is you’re watching. 

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