UPS systems for reliable power backup on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published on 12 Jan 2021
UPS systems for reliable power backup on Amazon India
UPS systems for reliable power backup on Amazon India

Even the smartest of devices in our homes need electricity to deliver their functions and features. Sometimes, the supply of that electricity is not consistent or reliable. In the event of unexpected power cuts, your devices might suffer unwarranted damage. Even if they’re safe, a sudden shutdown might cause loss of critical data or disconnection from critical tasks such as important meetings. To avoid that, an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system for your essential devices is a great idea. Finding one that is suitable for your home means taking into account all of its capabilities and specifications. To make it easier for you, we’ve used those factors to shortlist some promising models available on Amazon.

APC Back-UPS Pro BR1000G

Even at the maximum power draw of 600W for the model, the APC Back-UPS Pro ensures a power backup of six minutes, which gives you enough time to back up your work before your system shuts down. The model offers four connection points with battery backup and two with only surge protection. This helps you prioritise critical equipment without draining the battery too fast in case of a power failure. The LED display on the model conveys important information like problems in the wall circuit, disconnected battery and more. The batteries are hot-swappable, which helps you enjoy uninterrupted power supply.

Eaton Aurora 600 VA Line Interactive UPS

The Aurora UPS from Eaton comes with features that protect it against voltage fluctuation. Its Double Boost And Buck AVR provides wide input voltage and frequency ranges. The UPS features a fixed input cord that is secured safely and makes installation convenient. To protect the battery against deep discharge damage when no load is connected, the UPS comes with a Green Power function. A further layer of protection is added by the Overload Protection. This feature alerts users when the input power crosses a certain threshold. The generator compatibility of the UPS makes it suitable to use in areas with severe power cut issues.

V-Guard Sesto Dx 600

To ensure availability around the clock, the Sesto UPS from V-Guard comes with an off-mode charging feature. It aims for 10-15 minutes of power backup for a standard desktop computer with a small TFT monitor and one inkjet printer. This can be enough to back up your work and shut your system down safely. The model comes with both audio and visual indicators of its functionality, which ensures that you're aware of its operating status at all times. The gloss and matte black combination exterior add to the aesthetics of any setup. The compact build also makes it perfect for those looking to save space while adding power backup.

Resonate RouterUPS CRU12V2 

In case you’re a laptop user, you already have an inbuilt battery on your device. In such situations, you are mostly looking for a power backup for just your router or similar small devices, to keep working during a power cut. The Resonate Router UPS is just the right solution for this particular need. At under 200grams the model is quite lightweight and can be placed anywhere. The wall mounting option makes it capable of accompanying your router even if it's placed on a wall. The UPS also ensures an easy installation process that can be done at home in no time. The model aims for four hours of battery backup for your router, which ensures that you stay connected to the internet even during a power cut. 

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