Toys to teach coding to kids on Amazon India

By Prabhat Bhor | Published on 04 May 2020
Toys to teach coding to kids on Amazon India
Toys to teach coding to kids on Amazon India

Kids are fast-learners. Did you know that a huge chunk of mental development occurs during childhood? Thus, it’s crucial to start teaching kids when they are not only eager to learn new things but can also learn quickly. Most parents today want to equip their children with essential life skills as early as they can, and for many families, one such life-skill is coding. If you fantasise about your child growing up to be a high-flying engineer, then why not cultivate an interest in the subject matter as soon as you can? Check out these toys available on Amazon that can teach your kids coding. Do note that these products were selected based on the features they offer. 

STEM Arduino based Little Hero robotics DIY kit

The Little Hero is a STEM-based programmable DIY (do-it-yourself) Educational Robot. This kit is based on Arduino, which is an open-source prototyping platform usually used for building electronics projects. It has both a physical programmable board and software or IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that runs on a computer, which means one can write a code and then upload that to the physical board. This easy-to-run kit is meant to help kids get hands-on experience in graphical programming, electronics and robotics. The robot is Bluetooth-enabled and can work as an RC car using a mobile phone. It also has an obstacle avoidance mode, follow light mode and scared mode for added experience, because, after all, it is meant to entertain your child. 

Fisher-Price Think and Learn Code a Pillar

The Fisher-Price Think and Learn Code a Pillar is a bot that changes its path when the code is arranged in a different sequence. Rearranging the pieces and changing the bot’s path develops problem-solving, planning and sequencing critical thinking skills in kids. Once the coding is done, the bot opens up several possibilities for children. Kids can also get the bot to follow their planned path after they’re done experimenting by performing different permutations and combinations on the pieces. In this way, the code-a-pillar helps develop sequencing skills in kids when they try to figure out ways to make it follow the path they have designed. The kit includes one sound piece, three straight pieces, two right turns and two left turns.

Lego 17101 Boost Creative Toolbox Toy

The Lego 17101 Boost Creative Toolbox Toy includes five models from one set for kids to build. Each educational toy model is progressively challenging. Kids can build any one of these five models at a time and then further control them with the company’s easy-to-use coding block using an app on their tablets. The kit includes a Lego move hub with Bluetooth connectivity, interactive motor and a colour and distance sensor. The five models that the kit can be transformed into are Vernie the Robot, Frankie the Cat, Guitar 4000, M.T.R. 4 and Auto Builder. Vernie the Robot is a robot that dances, cracks jokes and passes gas to entertain kids. Frankie the Cat is an interactive pet that plays, purrs and expresses its mood. Guitar 4000 is a musical learning toy with pitch bend and sound effects. M.T.R. 4 is a robust, versatile rover with four different tool attachments including a spring-loaded shooter. Finally, Auto builder is an automated production line that builds miniature Lego models.

Kano 2017 Edition Computer Kit

The Kano 2017 Edition Computer Kit is an easy-to-build computer kit that allows kids to build their computer by the following simple graphical instructions. The kit also has hundreds of playful challenges for kids to learn to code easily. There are many simple codes that let kids make art, games and music to enhance their interest in coding. The work can also be shared with the world as Kano has built a community over the years to encourage your child's creative work. Protection Status