Top security alarm systems for home on Amazon India

By Akarshitha Yaji | Published 26 Oct 2021 14:17 IST
Top security alarm systems for home on Amazon India
Top security alarm systems for home on Amazon India

Keep your home safe and your family secure with the help of these top security alarm systems ideally designed for your home

Vandalisms, thefts and intrusions have become more common than you’d imagine in today’s society. This is why having a home security system is an important line of defence for keeping your home and your family safe from unwanted visitors like robbers, thieves or other intruders. The security alarm system, with its sensors, detects and warns you by sending an alert when any suspicious activity or intrusion is about to happen. Below you can read to know more about the top security alarm systems available on Amazon.

Qubo CS0017 security alarm system

This Qubo CS0017 is a versatile security system that can also serve entertainment purposes.  In the event of a security breach or emergency, the Qubo CS0017 security alarm system sends an alert on your phone to notify you immediately. Along with protecting you from external threats like intruders, robberies and thefts, this Qubo CS0017 security alarm system also gives protection against hazards like gas leaks and fires with the help of the Qubo intelligent sensors like Qubo smart smoke sensor and Qubo smart gas sensor. The Qubo smart door or window sensor allows you to choose from a number of intelligent responses in case of an unauthorised breach. The Qubo smart indoor camera with hub forms the centrepiece of the Qubo CS0017 security alarm system packs an advanced AI camera, Alexa built-in home hub, smart alarm system and more which work together to protect every corner of your home.  

D3D smart life ZX-G12 security alarm system

By using the Passive Infrared rays, the PIR motion sensor of this D3D smart life ZX-G12 security alarm system detects any motion in the protected area and the security system immediately activates the siren and sends an alert on all registered mobile numbers and applications to notify that there is an intruder. This D3D smart life ZX-G12 security alarm system has a door sensor that prevents unwanted entries from doors or windows. This security system works well with Alexa so that you can control the system with voice inputs. The D3D smart life ZX-G12 security alarm system is powered with Wi-Fi and GSM technology with the help of which all alerts are sent via Wi-Fi. With its in-built rechargeable battery, this system continues to protect your home even if the power supply is cut by the intruder. With a number of sensors and various zone settings to control the sensor behaviour, the D3D smart life ZX-G12 security alarm system protects every corner of your home.

Jenix home security system

The one feature which is highly important in any home security system is the sound of the siren as that is what makes you alert about the intrusion in your home. Keeping this in mind, the Jenix home security system comes with a loud noise siren with a sharp ear-piercing sound that is as loud as 110 db which can be heard from 150-feet away. This siren goes off as soon as anyone tries to forcefully and unwantedly tries to enter the house through the door or window. 

NAVKAR systems NS-Security sensor-4

This NAVKAR systems NS-Security sensor-4 comes with a high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant design which makes this security system durable and enables long time use. This security system comes with a replaceable battery which can be used for up to 1 year, according to the brand. The NAVKAR systems NS-Security sensor-4 is fairly easy to use and you can switch it on at night and off in the day to protect your home while you are sleeping. This security system produces a loud sound of 105 db to alert you whenever an unwanted person forcefully tries to enter through the door or window into your home.

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