Top rechargeable electric gas lighters for your kitchen on Amazon India

By Kulpreet Singh | Published 08 Feb 2022 20:31 IST
Top rechargeable electric gas lighters for your kitchen on Amazon India
Top rechargeable electric gas lighters for your kitchen on Amazon India

Over the past few years, technology has been revolutionising every aspect of our lives. This wave of innovation has also entered our kitchens to make our routines simpler and easier. One great instance of this technological innovation is a rechargeable electric gas lighter. But how is it better than the generic ones? 

These lighters have flexible necks, can brave winds, and can easily light candles. In case you are planning to buy an electric gas lighter for your kitchen, make sure to keep a couple of things in mind while browsing. This includes shortlisting only those models that have a flexible neck, a strong build, and LED indicators. Following are a few good options of rechargeable electric gas lighters on Amazon.

Docoss Electric Gas Lighter   

The Docoss Electric Gas Lighter has a 360° flexible long neck, allowing you to maintain a safe distance while igniting the stove. It comes along with a total of 5 LED battery indicators to remind you to charge it in time. The device is powered by the latest plasma arc technology through which it can create a windproof flame. 

Since its tube is made of flexible stainless steel, the Docoss Electric Gas Lighter is rust-resistant. With a 280 mAh battery, it delivers a prolonged battery life. Apart from being used as a gaslighter, it can also be used for fireplaces, candles, and more, making it a versatile device. Some of its other notable specs are a durable build and lightweight design.       

Crasts Electric Gas Lighter  

The Crasts Electric Gas Lighter features an intelligent charging circuit that helps in keeping any unforeseen accidents at bay. Coming equipped with a 360° flexible long neck, you can light the stove from any angle you are comfortable with. The electric lighter turns off automatically after 7 seconds hence, making way for battery efficiency. 

It also has an LED battery display that intimates the charge left in the device (the display consists of 5 blue lights). The Crasts Electric Gas Lighter comprises a child lock to prevent your children from playing with it. In addition to these features, it also has a stainless-steel body and windproof flame.      

EzLife Electric Kitchen Lighter 

The EzLife Electric Kitchen Lighter has been crafted with space aluminium that helps ensure the device never rusts or melts. It sources its power from a rechargeable, lithium-ion, 220 mAh battery that can deliver up to 100-300 ignitions on a full charge. It has been designed keeping safety in mind as it comes furnished with a safety lock. 

With a 360° flexible neck, the EzLife Electric Kitchen Lighter can help maintain optimum safety. It can work perfectly under windy conditions, thanks to its windproof technology. Apart from these specifications, this electric gaslighter also has a non-slip body and an auto 10-second shut-off.   

MAULION™ Electric Kitchen Lighter  

The MAULION™ Electric Kitchen Lighter can display real-time battery levels. Where 4 LED lights mean that the device is fully charged, a single LED light reminds you that you need to charge. It has a 360° rotation neck that can be turned flexibly at any angle. It works even in narrow places and prevents you from getting burned from the flame. 

Its wind and splash-proof design will protect the electric pulse from being blown out by strong winds or wet weather. The MAULION™ Electric Kitchen Lighter also has a safety lock to keep your kids safe from any danger. 

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