Top rechargeable bikes for kids on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published 16 Feb 2022 15:32 IST
Top rechargeable bikes for kids on Amazon India
Top rechargeable bikes for kids on Amazon India

If your kid has recently developed a love for riding bikes or scooters, then gifting them a mini-bike might be a great idea! Believe it or not but these rechargeable bikes allow your kids to have a good time while learning to balance while you can admire them from a distance. We’ve listed here some of the best rechargeable bikes you can find on Amazon.

GoodLuck Baybee Ride-on Bike

GoodLuck Baybee gloriously presents a battery-operated bike that is EN71 certified for the safety of your little ones. This robust and elegant bike accentuates the foot pedal for acceleration so your child can operate this motorcycle without any help. It also comes equipped with in-built musical and horn buttons so your child can listen to music and enjoy the unique bike ride to the fullest! This 3-wheel designed Baybee car features on/off and forward/backward switches, which helps the kids to easily control and steer the bike in the desired direction with greater stability. Plus, this multifunctional bike also contains a back storage compartment that can be used to put in suitable toys. Furthermore, it comes with a charger, and your child can play with this motorcycle continuously for 40 minutes when fully charged(as claimed by the company).

Toy House Super Bike

Toy House offers rechargeable battery operated bikes for kids between 3 to 7 years of age with a maximum weight capacity of 35kg. The bike has passed the BIS testing standards, making it a safe and reliable gift for your kids. It comes with a hand accelerator that can control and drive the bike without adult help. The bike is made using premium-quality materials and has an attractive design and a wide seat so that the kids can ride it comfortably. It also has other exciting features, including buttons to play music and switch on lights to make the ride even more joyous and exciting! You can play your kids’ favourite tunes by connecting them via Bluetooth. The LED indicator shows the battery level to prevent the bike from getting discharged unexpectedly.

Nexus Product Toy R3 Bike

This battery-powered toy bike from Nexus comes with a maximum loading capacity of 35 kg and is ideal for kids between 3 to 8 years of age. It is quite easy to assemble and can be set up without any tools or expert help. The bike can be used for up to 70 minutes after being fully charged (as claimed by the company). Designed in accordance with European standards, this bike provides the utmost safety for your kids. This safe and durable toy bike is operated with a single motor and a hand accelerator. Apart from providing safety and easy usage for your kids, the R3 toy bike also comes with attractive features like LED headlights, wheel lights, brakes, music panel, digital display, forward/backwards drive and much more to ensure a wholesome and thrilling ride every time!

Toyhouse Vespa Ride-on Scooter

If you want to buy a gift for your kid but don’t want to purchase a bike, then this Vespa can prove to be a refreshing change! Toy House offers a safe and durable rechargeable ride-on scooter for your kids (aged between 3 to 7 years). The scooter is quite simple to operate so that your kid can ride it without your help. It is EN71 certified, which means that the scooter ensures the utmost safety of your kids in terms of design and operation. It comes with a double motor and foot accelerator providing greater control, and it comes with attractive features like sound effects, digital power display, working headlights, horn and inbuilt music! It is equipped with an MP3 socket as well as a USB port so that you can play your kids’ favourite tunes with ease!

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