Top Projectors with Android TV support on Amazon India

By Akarshitha Yaji | Published 29 Sep 2021 11:13 IST
Top Projectors with Android TV support on Amazon India
Top Projectors with Android TV support on Amazon India

Android TV-based projectors let you access services like Youtube and other streaming apps on the Play store directly from the projector. Here are a few good options that you can pick.

Android TV-based projectors let you cut the cord and directly stream content from the internet. These projectors are thus very convenient to use and provide direct access to streaming services and Google Apps like YouTube, Netflix, and more.  But of course, you will need to pick the right projector capable enough of delivering a quality cinema experience. Here are a few good options on Amazon that you can choose from. 

WZATCO M6 Pro Android 9.0 Smart Wi-Fi Bluetooth Projector

The WZATCO M6 Pro Android 9.0 Smart Wi-Fi Bluetooth Projector has adopted the Google Android 9.0 system that seamlessly displays pre-installed content from Netflix, Hotstar, YouTube, etc. It has a 150-inch big screen projection. The product has a 3300 Lumens LED Lamp with brightness uniformity and can reproduce vivid colour. The product is equipped with a quad-core CPU which is assisted by 2GB RAM and 16GB Internal storage, thus allowing for smooth playback. The product also has a ± 45° 4D Keystone Correction and a 70%-100% zoom function that allows for convenient viewing. The product also adopts Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Jambar S-4 Android TV Projector

Jambar S-4 Android TV Projector Projector provides a good cinematic experience with 5500 Lumen LED and can project a large 300-inch screen. This projector supports full HD resolution, which should help you enjoy a good viewing experience. The projector is based on Android TV 9 software and includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. It also has 20W (10 watts x 2) surround speakers for an immersive experience. Other highlights include a quad-core chipset paired with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage and a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi-based remote control. 

XGIMI Halo Smart Mini Projector

XGIMI Halo Smart Mini Projector includes automatic focus technology and 3D imaging technology. It has built-in Harman/Kardon 32MM dual speaker units with increased layering for a good audio experience. The light source has a long life of up to 10 years, running 8 hours daily. The mobile phone and computer screens can be projected onto a large screen using wireless same screen technology. The product also comes with a multi-language user interface that can support up to 52 languages, and the projector works with Google Assistant and allows users to download apps from Play Store. 

XGIMI Mogo Pro Plus

XGIMI Mogo Pro Plus is a portable, smart projector that is equipped with XGIMI's exclusive eagle-eye perception system, which provides imperceptible autofocus and multi-angle auto keystone correction functions. It provides a sharp image with vivid colours and can be used as a Bluetooth speaker. In combination with XGIMI’s active shuttle 3D glasses, users can also experience a 3D cinema experience using the projector, thanks to its active shutter 3D imaging technology. One can search content with Google Assistant, and its multilingual user interface also supports 52 languages. It has an integrated stand at the bottom that allows for elevation adjustment. It can also be easily installed as it works on a plug-and-play model.

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