Top presentation remotes with a laser pointer on Amazon India

By Kulpreet Singh | Published 08 Feb 2022 17:33 IST
Top presentation remotes with a laser pointer on Amazon India
Top presentation remotes with a laser pointer on Amazon India

Presentation remotes have become highly resourceful for professionals. Why? Well, it allows you to roam freely around the room and engage with your audience. In other words, it breaks the boundary between you and your listeners! Some presentation remotes also come along with a laser pointer, enabling you to communicate more effectively. If you are planning to buy a presentation remote, keep a couple of things in mind – first, it has an ergonomic design as it makes way for easy handling. Second, it has a laser pointer since it helps send your message across more effectively. Finally, consider buying a model with a sturdy build. Here are a few good options of presentation remotes on Amazon that come along with a laser pointer: 

Viboton PPT Controller 

The Viboton PPT Controller is equipped with a top-grade microchip and has a wireless range of up to 20 meters. This means you can easily move around the roam and engage with your listeners without hassle! Operating on a 2.4G RF frequency, this remote delivers seamless compatibility. It comes with an auto-standby and deep sleep function that makes way for optimal energy savings. It also boasts a red pointer through which you can capture the attention of everyone and divert it towards the most critical points. The Viboton PPT Controller features a built-in docking bay that can store a USB receiver for easy pack up and portability. It doesn’t require any pre-installation for operations. Simply plug it in, and that’s all! 

Targus Signature Presentation Remote (AMP13AP) 

The Targus Signature Presentation Remote has a simple layout that enables the users to operate it without any troubles. Powered by a patent-pending locking technology, this remote makes sure that there are no accidental button presses. Featuring an ergonomic design, you can conveniently hold it in your hand for hours at length. Thanks to its cutting-edge wireless technology, you can use this remote even from 50 feet away, thanks to its cutting-edge wireless technology. It has a true plug-and-play mechanism and doesn’t require the installation of any drivers. It sources its power from AAA batteries, which means there won’t be any pesky wires. In addition to these specs, the Targus Signature Presentation Remote also has the latest RF 2.4GHz cordless technology, a mini-USB receiver storage space, and a stylish design.   

RTS PPT Remote Control 

The RTS PPT Remote Control is equipped with a built-in laser and a cordless receiver, ensuring you can present your unique ideas in a distinctive way. With a long range of 30 meters, this remote control gives you the room to roam freely and engage with your audience. It is powered by a single AAA battery on which it can run for up to 60 hours. If you want to show a video or MP3 in your presentation, stay in command with the system volume. It also gives you the ability to control the volume by simply pushing the “+” or “-” buttons. The RTS PPT Remote Control also has an LED that flashes the blue colour if the battery is low. 

RTS Presentation Remote          

The RTS Presentation Remote comprises a red laser pointer, making it ideal for students, teachers, and lecturers to deliver talks and presentations. It has a wireless remote control distance range of up to 50-feet (15 meters) so that you can freely move around the room and interact with your audience. Owing to its compact and ergonomic design, you can easily operate all of its functions without any fatigue. This PPT remote comes with a USB receiver housed within the device. Hence, you can conveniently travel around with this remote! It supports a wide range of software (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ACDSee, and iWork) and operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux). 

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