Top portable studio lightboxes for product photography on Amazon India

By Kulpreet Singh | Published 19 Jan 2022 12:29 IST
Top portable studio lightboxes for product photography on Amazon India
Top portable studio lightboxes for product photography on Amazon India

Whether you are a seasoned or rookie product photographer, you may already know that you need a constant and even flow of light for a perfect photography session. Without proper lighting, the real essence of the product cannot be captured. However, carrying huge lighting equipment from your studio to the site can become challenging and expensive. But there is an easy way around this problem, and that is through portable studio lightboxes. These are portable, affordable, and most importantly, supply an even flow of light. If you are looking for the ideal portable lightbox for your studio, make sure that the one you finalise is powered by top-quality LED lights and has a sturdy build. Following are a few good options for portable studio lightboxes on Amazon.   

Smiledrive Portable Light Box   

The Smiledrive Portable Light Box comes equipped with high-quality LEDs that help in giving the truest image of products. Featuring a reflective inner wall, the light inside the box can bounce around evenly at every corner. This means optimal lighting conditions! The lightbox comprises a brightness adapter to ensure you can modulate the brightness as per your requirement. Plus, there would be no harsh glares inside the box, thanks to its light diffuser. As it boasts a large size of 60 x 60 x 60 cm, the Smiledrive Portable Light Box can be used to shoot every kind of product, ranging from cosmetics, gadgets, bags, to even jewellery. It can be opened from multiple sides (front and top), enabling you to shoot from the angle that best suits your needs. 

Syga Portable Light Box 

The Syga Portable Light Box is powered by a removable LED strip that can be attached to any place inside the box. This allows you to reduce shadows and adjust the angle freely, leading to the ideal multi-angle shooting. Its entire structure has been designed using PVC material that doesn’t only make it durable but also waterproof. Offering 2 background pads (black and white), this lightbox delivers seamless versatility. With a white LED strip that provides a soft, flicker-free, and bright light, rest assured the Syga Portable Light Box leaves no room for reflections or shadows. In terms of sturdiness, it comes with 3 anchor screws and a metal stand for maximum stability. 

Osaka Portable Light Box 

The Osaka Portable Light Box has multiple openings and closings to pick any photo shooting position. Fitted with a particulate silver film reflective fabric inside, this portable lightbox can diffuse light evenly, avoiding any vignette and shadows. It comprises a hook-and-loop design that can be carried and set up without hassle. No rods, no connectors, and no complicated assembling! The lightbox can be folded into a storage bag for easy mobility. To make sure you can change the brightness levels easily, the Osaka Portable Light Box boasts a brightness adjusting rotary knob. It also has a total of 3 backgrounds (black, white, and orange), making sure you can set any studio scene. In addition to these specifications, it also has a 5500 K colour temperature and flicker-free light.   

Nylsa Mini Light Room  

The Nylsa Mini Light Room can be folded and put into an envelope, enabling you to build up a photo studio within 10 seconds only! It is available in a dimension of 22 x 22 x 10 cm, which makes it suitable for photographing small items, such as watches, toys, and jewels. This lightbox comes with 2 backgrounds (black and white), giving you the flexibility to change the backdrop as and when required. It works on a built-in LED light strip with 20 LEDs, ensuring the light is bright and steady. You can power the Nylsa Mini Light Room through a power bank or a charging adapter, owing to its compatibility with USB.    

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