Top multipurpose laser beam lights to consider on Amazon India

By Kulpreet Singh | Published 08 Feb 2022 17:40 IST
Top multipurpose laser beam lights to consider on Amazon India
Top multipurpose laser beam lights to consider on Amazon India

A laser pointer has always been intriguing for children. It is a fun way of passing the time and can give hours of entertainment to them. For professionals, it  is a handy tool for making presentations. They can capture your audience’s attention and divert it towards the point you are trying to make. In case you are trying to find the ideal laser pointer, make sure that it comes equipped with a sturdy metal build. Go for variants with a high wavelength as it offers optimal brightness and visibility. Following are a few good laser pointers on Amazon that can be used for a wide variety of purposes: 

Black Cat Laser Pointer 

The Black Cat Laser Pointer has a high wavelength of 532 nm, making it bright and vivid enough for maximum visibility. It has a built-in diode powered by cutting-edge technology to ensure best-in-class performance. Its body has been made using an aluminium alloy that offers durability and sturdiness. As it is rechargeable, you won’t have to run around trying to find small batteries that fit into it. The Black Cat Laser Pointer also has an adjustable focus knob through which you can modulate its settings. Equipped with a non-slip texture, you won’t have to worry about the device slipping out of your hands. Apart from these, some of its other notable specs are a detachable starry head and a secure key.   

ARD Multipurpose Laser Light  

The ARD Multipurpose Laser Light can be used to point at any target, such as photos, blackboards, and PPT screens. It delivers a total of 2 modes - a direct straight light mode and a disco light mode. If you want the latter, you can attach its disco light cap and if you want the former, simply remove the attachment! It delivers a range of 100 to 300 ft during the day and up to 1000 ft at night, ensuring maximum reach. The ARD Multipurpose Laser Light can be powered using 2 AAA batteries and consumes minimum power for long battery life. In addition to these features, the laser light also has an intelligent feedback control circuit, a high-efficiency transmittance optical system, and a long service life.   

Oveera Multipurpose Laser Light 

The Oveera Multipurpose Laser Light has incorporated the latest optics and microelectronics technology for high performance. The device is useful for giving presentations and pointing out any discrepancies during construction inspections. It has a steel body that translates to a long-lasting life. The Oveera Multipurpose Laser Light can radiate both direct and patterned light beams thanks to its multiple attachments. It can be powered using a couple of AAA batteries. Its other notable specifications are 4 different laser patterns, a bright laser, and an ergonomic design.    

Neel Laser Pointer 

The Neel Laser Pointer produces a bright green 532 nm wavelength that helps give a vivid laser. It has an adjustable focus knob that can change the laser's settings. The device comes along with a starry head to produce a beautiful pattern. In case you don’t want this pattern, you can always remove the attachment for direct laser light. To make sure the pointer doesn’t slip out of your hands, the Neel Laser Pointer comprises a non-slip texture. A few other unique aspects of this laser pointer are its compact design and its aluminium alloy body.      

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