Top impact wrenches to turn bolts and nuts easily on Amazon India

By Akarshitha Yaji | Published 19 Jan 2022 14:37 IST
Top impact wrenches to turn bolts and nuts easily on Amazon India
Top impact wrenches to turn bolts and nuts easily on Amazon India

Whether you work at a heavy-duty job site like a construction site or in a car workshop and want a tool to assist you in your job, reducing manual effort by providing powerful performance, you must consider buying an impact wrench that easily turns nuts and bolts. These wrenches can be used for multiple purposes like changing a tyre, brake work, and other mechanical jobs. By working at high power, an impact wrench reduces the work time and is efficient. Read below to know more about such top impact wrenches available on Amazon.

Elephant IW 02 impact wrench for cars

This Elephant IW 02 impact wrench for cars operates with a heavy-duty mechanism that gives a powerful performance and makes it ideal for heavy-duty jobs like car repairs, construction site work, and many more. It has a no-load speed of 0-7500 RPM for faster application and delivers an 850 NM torque to make quick work of a fastening job. With its four-position power regulator and one-handed forward or reverse button, you get complete control over the wrench so that you can easily fine-tune the torque output and direction to suit the task at hand. It comes with a rugged housing and titanium hammer case which can withstand rough usage. 

DONGCHENG electric fixed square wrench

The DONGCHENG electric fixed square wrench comes with a slim design which makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere without much hassle. With a no-load speed of 1800 RPM, it is quite fast, allowing you to perform your tasks much quicker. By using the clutch impact mechanism, this electric wrench completes the assemble and disassemble of threaded parts with a power of 300 W. With a fastening torque of 188 NM it makes your fastening jobs much easier and faster.

INGCO power tools and hand tools hex impact wrench driver Cirli2002

The INGCO power tools and hand tools hex impact wrench driver Cirli2002 comes with a LED display light which indicates the battery power so that it becomes easy for you to know how long the battery can work before needing a recharge. With a maximum torque of 170 NM, the wrench provides an impact rate of 0 to 2000 or 0 to 3300 bpm, making for a powerful performance. The high quality and silent brushless motor that this wrench is equipped with ensure an efficient performance while maintaining low noise.

Yato impact wrench

This Yato impact wrench is a powerful cordless impact wrench that can be used for various tasks like unscrewing wheels, tightening hand rails, barriers, long carpentry screws and much more. With a power of 300 NM, it gives a tangential impact which causes relaxation of the threaded joints in baked bolts, which fastens the unscrewing process. It comes with a precise speed control switch which allows you to control the speed according to your preference and needs. It also comes with an ergonomic handle that allows you a firm yet comfortable grip. The metal gear housing and a rubberised body made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide should ensure long life. 

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