Top car storage organisers for hassle-free travel on Amazon India

By Kulpreet Singh | Published 08 Feb 2022 18:03 IST
Top car storage organisers for hassle-free travel on Amazon India
Top car storage organisers for hassle-free travel on Amazon India

During long road trips or everyday commutes; it can be challenging to carry different things in a car. From food to electronics and clothes, organising everything in a car is a task. But these problems can vanish once and for all with car storage organisers. They come with ample storage space and multiple compartments, allowing you to store different items simply and systematically. If you have decided to buy a car storage organiser, make sure that the ones you shortlist are durable and space-friendly. Here are a few good options for car storage organisers on Amazon: 

Double R Bags Car Storage Organizer 

The Double R Bags Car Storage Organizer is a perfect fit for every type of car, ranging from SUVs and minivans to jeeps and trucks. It has been built to withstand heavy wear and tear, thanks to its 1680 polyester-based fabric. This material doesn’t only make it water-resistant but also abrasion-resistant. It has a couple of removable sub-dividers and adjustable sliders for optimal organisation and convenience.   To ensure that it stays put in the trunk or the back seat, the Double R Bags Car Storage Organizer boasts a non-slip bottom. In case the organiser cannot meet your storage needs, it also comprises 11 extra pockets! Once your road trip is over, you can easily fold it and store it in a drawer. 

Allure Auto® Car Organizer 

The Allure Auto Car Organizer has been designed to meet your every storage need. Featuring an iPad Mini pocket, 2 cell phone pockets, 2 bottle holders, a tissue box holder, a magazine pouch, and an umbrella holder, this comprehensive car organiser would be the perfect travel companion. It has intricate stitching across its body for optimal protection against daily wear and tear. However, the USP of the Allure Auto Car Organizer is its foldable car meal tray! Plus, it has been tailored to match the aesthetics of your interiors, making sure it doesn’t stain the appearance of your car. It weighs merely 250 grams and can easily fit into any seat. Hence, if you travel in your car frequently, this car organiser could be of great convenience. In addition to these features, it also has a tan-coloured design and a durable build.     

House of Quirk Car Trunk Organizer 

The House of Quirk Car Trunk Organizer is made of thickened polyester fibre that gives the bag flexibility. Plus, it also helps in making the organiser waterproof! Since it measures 27 x 38 x 12 (LxWxH) centimetres, the bag can be used for storing emergency tools, toys, sporting equipment, and more. It can also be used for storing heavy-duty items without incurring any damage. Available in a dark grey tone, the House of Quirk Car Trunk Organizer will complement the looks of your car interior. The organiser has a solid bottom; it would be the ideal travel assistant for picnics, camping, and beach trips. Some of its other unique specifications are a foldable design and strong buckles and straps.    

Allextreme Car Trunk Organizer  

The Allextreme Car Trunk Organizer has been crafted with multiple pockets to give you complete flexibility. Coming along with high-quality waterproof fabric, you won’t have to worry about its strength and durability. As it is available with a snap-fit mechanism and an adjustable strap, it is ideal for SUVs, trucks, and other types of cars. Besides being your car storage organiser, it also proves to be a good storage basket for household items. Its double-front bag design makes it convenient and practical. It is spacious enough to store food, toys, and sports equipment to meet your diversified storage needs and make your travel more convenient.       

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