Top blood pressure monitors with heart rate measurement on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published on 18 May 2021
Top blood pressure monitors with heart rate measurement on Amazon India
Top blood pressure monitors with heart rate measurement on Amazon India

The blood pressure reading of your body can tell a lot about your health. It is an essential cardiac metric and should only be measured by devices that can promise accuracy. For reliable readings, such devices should come with features that make them easier to use at home. The combination of blood pressure and heart rate can paint a very clear picture of your cardiovascular system. Even without any imminent issues, measuring your blood pressure regularly can help you optimise your lifestyle for the highest levels of fitness. We’ve curated some of the top blood pressure monitors that can help you track your blood pressure and heart rate from home. These models offer the right combination of reliable specifications and impressive features for your needs.

Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron HEM 7120 ensures accurate measurement by automatically applying the right amount of pressure during usage. Additionally, it also comes with a Cuff Wrapping Guide feature that indicates when the model is being used correctly. With Body Movement Detection, the model shows users a timely error message to prevent wrong readings. Once the reading is being taken correctly, the Omron Blood Pressure monitor can indicate a warning for Hypertension if blood pressure is detected outside the normal range. It also detects irregularities in the heartbeat for early identification of health issues. The design is compact for easy storage and high portability.

Dr Morepen Bp02 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

The Morepen Bp02 Blood Pressure monitor can remember the last 120 readings for easy reference later. Its Comfort Inflation Technology ensures that the measurement process is convenient and seamless for all users. The High-Low classification indicator uses a simple icon to let you know how to interpret the reading from the machine. With irregular heartbeat detection, it can help you identify cardiac problems early on. The unit also averages the last three readings to give you a consistent picture of your health. Using four AAA batteries, the model aims for long battery life to keep itself available for your usage at all times.

Beurer 658.18 BM 27 Blood Pressure Monitor

The automatic switch-off feature on the Beurer BM 27 Blood Pressure monitor keeps its battery usage efficient for long-lasting performance. Its universal cuff design makes it suitable for a wide range of hand sizes, from upper arm circumference of 22cm to 42cm. With that cuff, the model can alert you about wrong placement so that you can always get the right measurements. Its arrhythmia detection feature informs you about irregularities in your heartbeat for early identification of heart issues. An easy to read risk indicator also makes its readings easier to understand. The model also shows you an average value of all measurements for a simple overview of your health.

BPL B18 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

The big 2.5-inch digital display on the BPL B18 blood pressure monitor makes its measurements easier to read. It can be powered by alkaline batteries as well as a direct MicroUSB connection, ensuring its availability at all times. This is complemented by the low battery indicator, giving you ample time to ensure consistent battery-based operation. The model is capable of retaining up to 99 measurements in its memory for up to two users. This makes it a great addition to a small household. The single-button operation keeps the B18 user-friendly even when the user is alone. The latex-free cuff is designed for maximum user comfort. 

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