Top bike racks for your car on Amazon India

By Akarshitha Yaji | Published 07 Mar 2022 14:28 IST
Top bike racks for your car on Amazon India
Top bike racks for your car on Amazon India

Don’t you wish to discover a convenient way to carry your bike in your car, so that your next trip to an exotic location does not get ruined by your inability to carry your favourite thing along with you?  Check out this list of the top bike racks for your car available on Amazon that will help you do so.

BikerZ Rear Mounted Car Bike Rack

The BikerZ Rear Mounted Car Bike Rack is a universal product that can carry up to a maximum of three bikes. The capacity is a maximum of 145 kilograms. It has a light and strong foldable frame. The product comes with an aluminium product and sturdy straps. The product comes with a paddle protector, Protective beading, Allen key, Safety Strap making it convenient to use. The installation is effortless and can be completed within a short span of time. The product holds the cycles steadily and can be mounted and unmounted without hassle.

Automaze Carrier Stand

Automaze Carrier Stand is universal and fits snugly on a sedan, hatchback, MUV and SUV. It can carry a maximum load of 45 kilograms distributed among three bikes. It has an iron frame that is light and foldable. It can be mounted and unmounted easily. The bike rack comes with an Instruction Manual, Paddle Protector, Protective beading, Allen key, tightening straps and a Safety Strap. Its narrow frame configuration fits a wider array of bikes, and reflective red end caps offer increased visibility and safety to the product.

Gravity Bicycle Rack

Gravity Bicycle Rack can hold up to three bicycles safely at the same time. The high-density rubber foam padding helps secure the vehicle against scratches. The foam also ensures that there is no skidding of the rack. The bikes are held independently by plastic holders. The product comes with a bike cradle, strap, spring-loaded strap clamps, side straps, bottom straps, and interlocking ratchet knob. It is suitable for a wide range of vehicles. 

Arksen 2 Bike Rack Hitch Mount

The LArksen 2 Bike Rack Hitch Mount can firmly strap up to 2 bicycles using a durable anti-sway cradle strap. The product is lightweight and portable. It is also easy to maintain and assemble. It has a neat design and keeps a 5 to 7-inch separation between the two mounted bikes. It is suitable for long-distance travel too and is quite durable too. 


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