Top 10W wireless chargers for your high-end smartphone on Amazon India

By Daksh Khorana | Published on 25 Nov 2020
Top 10W wireless chargers for your high-end smartphone on Amazon India
Top 10W wireless chargers for your high-end smartphone on Amazon India

Since late 2012 wireless charging has been included in the flagship phones and has been distinctive features for premium smartphones apart from the top tier configuration. The Qi wireless standard has been the general norm, followed by all the brands such as Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, and many more. This has made it easy for the wireless charger manufacturers to design products that are universal and provide a hassle-free experience to charge any of the Qi-compatible devices wirelessly. If you own a flagship smartphone, then here are four 10W wireless chargers for you to choose from Amazon.

Spigen F303W Wireless Charger

The Spigen F303W Wireless charger is an angled charger that keeps your phone upright so that you can interact with the phone while it is charging wirelessly. It has two powerful coils that ensure safe and stable power to your smartphone and allows the phone to charge even with a case. You can place the phone in landscape or portrait mode as per your convenience. The charger comes with an inbuilt protection circuit for OC and overheating. It has a blue light beneath to show when power is on to the charger which goes off eventually to prevent distraction.

Yootech F500 Type-C wireless charger

The black finish wireless charger from Yootech comes with multiple charging modes, namely 5W, 7.5W, and 10W charging for different supported devices. It is compatible with a wide range of devices from wireless earphones to your smartphones. The F500 has a green light to show charging status that goes off after 16 seconds of charging to prevent distraction. It charges Qi-certified devices using a Type-C cable, so you need to carry only one cable to use it on the go.

Anker Powerwave

The Anker Powerwave has a simple and elegant design that comes with different charging modes for supported devices. It can charge your phones at different speeds and detects suitable output for each of your Qi-compatible devices. The charger has a case-friendly design and can charge your phone having a case up to 4mm thick, which makes it a versatile device to use with the case. The top of the charger has an anti-slip TPU material which keeps your device firm at a place allowing you to charge your device without any worry.

Spigen F301W compact Wireless charger

Spigen F301W is one of the sleekest and compact wireless chargers available in the market. It can charge your Qi-enabled devices at up to 10W and also comes with Spigen’s IP technology that controls heat and detects foreign objects on the charging pad and stops charging. It comes in two colour options Black and White, and also has a sleep-friendly LED indicator that turns of after a few minutes. The charger also has built-in short-circuit protection to protect your device.

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