Thumb grips for the Nintendo Switch Lite on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 20 May 2020
Thumb grips for the Nintendo Switch Lite on Amazon India
Thumb grips for the Nintendo Switch Lite on Amazon India

Playing games on a Nintendo Switch Lite is not that easy with the controller switches being slightly smaller than usual. It does affect your own performance and gaming experience. This is where thumb grips for these controller switches help you in enhancing the performance by providing better grip for your thumbs. Moreover, these grips also act as a protective layer to keep the switches safe from any wear and tear. If you are looking for such thumb grips for your Nintendo Switch Lite, here are some of the best options available on Amazon.

Hyperkin Silicone Thumb Grips for Nintendo Switch

The buttons on a Nintendo Switch Lite are not that big and easy to use for all games and this is where the Hyperkin Silicone Thumb grips help you tackle the issue with two different sets of grips. The basic difference between them lies in their height as one is short and the other is tall. The longer ones can help you in games like MarioKart. Since these grips are made of silicone, they are super comfortable to use and also protect your controller switch from wear and tear. Even if you feel a little uncomfortable to start with, you will get improved performance in all your games for sure once you start using them for a long time.

Switch Thumb Grips

These thumb grips have been specifically made to improve the durability of the switches and enhance your performance while playing a game on your Nintendo Switch Lite. The top of the grip is made of high-grade silicone with a honeycomb design to give you added grip while the bottom part of the grip is made of hard plastic to make it durable. In this pack, you get two different styles of grips for two different experiences so you can choose the one that suits you the most. Since the grip has been specifically designed for this device, you need not worry about it falling off or not holding its position during rigorous playing sessions. Such a design enables you to improve the accuracy, which is not the case when you play without the thumb grips on. The grips are easy to install as you just have to flip the cap inside out and wrap it around the analogue sticks.

Thumb Grip Caps for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller/Switch Lite

If you are looking for a pair of thumb grips that will provide you with additional height on the controller switches of your Nintendo Switch Lite, then these grips should work just fine. They have an ergonomic design to improve the experience by increasing the height of the switch and giving you more surface area to use. It gives you an additional height of 7mm and increases the surface area by 110%. This gives you superior precision during your games so that you never miss a move. The grips are made of TPE rubber material, which not only protects the switches from any wear or tear but also gives you a firm grip. Furthermore, it only takes a few seconds to put the grip on the controller sticks.

FLAWISH Thumb Stick Silicone Caps for Nintendo Switch Game Controller

The thumb grips from Flawish provide excellent protection for your controller switches on your Nintendo Switch Lite when it comes to any wear and tear. With them on your controller switches, you now do not have to worry about damage from bumps or scrapes. Furthermore, these grips enhance your gaming experience by providing you with superior hold. Each of the caps has a dotted rugged finish to give you an advanced grip so that you are able to make your moves more accurately. With an easy installation that does not require any modifications, it is easy to put it on your controller switches and just start playing. Protection Status