Tempered glass screen protectors for OnePlus 9R on Amazon India

By Kulpreet Singh | Published 19 Jan 2022 14:30 IST
Tempered glass screen protectors for OnePlus 9R on Amazon India
Tempered glass screen protectors for OnePlus 9R on Amazon India

Ever since the launch of the OnePlus 9R, the entire smartphone community has gone wild! With cutting-edge specs and a competitive price, the OnePlus 9R has surely become a popular choice amongst the masses. If you own one, you must already know about its powerful performance! To ensure your favourite smartphone always remains safe, you must consider equipping it with a tempered glass screen. Why? Well, it would protect its screen and absorb a major part of any sudden shock. Plus, since most of the tempered glass screens come furnished with an oleophobic layer, your screen would also remain dust, oil, and water-free! In case you are on the lookout for the best-tempered glass screens for the OnePlus 9R, make sure that it has the following features - a hardness rating of 9H, seamless installation, and a strong adhesive. Following are a few good options of tempered glass screens on Amazon that would be perfect for the OnePlus 9R.

OpenTech® Tempered Glass Screen 

The OpenTech® Tempered Glass Screen has been tailored for edge-to-edge protection. With a transparency of 99.99%, this tempered glass screen enables you to enjoy a natural viewing experience. This ultra-thin (0.33 mm thick)  glass screen has been made through high-precision laser cuts. This makes it rounded at the edges and entirely compatible for 3D touch! As it contains a hydrophobic oleophobic coating, the OpenTech® Tempered Glass Screen would protect your OnePlus 9R from oil, dust, water, and sweat. Plus, as it has a hardness of 9H, rest assured your smartphone would remain safe against any unwanted scratches from the keys in your pockets. In addition to these best-in-class features, it also delivers a seamless, bubble-free installation experience.   

Popio Tempered Glass Screen  

The Popio Tempered Glass Screen includes a wet wipe, a dry wipe, a dust absorber, and 3 guide stickers. All of these items ensure that you have a comfortable installation experience. Offering crystal-clear clarity of 0.98, you won’t even know that there is an additional layer on the top of your screen! It boasts a high hardness level of 9H that helps ensure optimal protection against accidental drops and scratches. The entire surface of the Popio Tempered Glass Screen is covered with adhesive to ensure it can fit onto the screen without any hassle. It also has an effective oleophobic coating that gives the tempered glass screen anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, and anti-dust properties. Apart from these, some of its other notable specs are rounded edges, improved responsiveness, and maintenance of original brightness.  

BlackSheep Tempered Glass  

The BlackSheep Tempered Glass uses a patented liquid glass film that can evenly disperse over the entire screen, including existing scratches and scuffs. This makes the tempered glass’ adhesive strong! It has been made using advanced liquid clear adhesive technology that prevents micro spaces between the device and the glass. Moreover, this technology also encourages quick fingerprint recognition! The BlackSheep Tempered Glass protects your OnePlus 9R from sweat, sticky fingerprints, oil, and dust with an oleophobic coating at the top. It also has a hardness level of 9H, making it sufficiently tough to hold off any damage from accidental drops. A few other remarkable features of this tempered glass are a slim design (0.3 mm thickness), edge-to-edge coverage, and high clarity.   

OCTRIX Tempered Glass Screen 

The OCTRIX Tempered Glass Screen has 99.99% HD clarity, making sure you have a crystal-clear user experience. Featuring an oleophobic coating, this tempered glass screen can easily resist oil, fingerprints, dust, and water. It can absorb shocks from sudden falls, thanks to its high hardness level of 9H. Since it has been made using precision laser cuts, the OCTRIX Tempered Glass Screen has a smoother feel. You can smoothly glide your fingers across your screen, just like your original screen, without any interruption. It also offers bubble-free installation, an anti-glare surface, and complete screen coverage.       

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