Standing tables for a more ergonomic work station on Amazon India

By Shrey Pacheco | Published on 13 May 2020
Standing tables for a more ergonomic work station on Amazon India
Standing tables for a more ergonomic work station on Amazon India

Most of us spend hours upon hours sitting at our desks as we work. As one might expect, this lifestyle isn’t healthy for us and may lead to obesity, increased risk of heart disease and more. This is why many people are moving towards a standing desk that is said to alleviate some of these health issues. If you’re on the lookout for a standing desk, then you should consider these products that are available on Amazon. Do note that these were selected based on the features they offer.

AITERMINAL Electric Standing Desk Frame

The AITERMINAL Electric Standing Desk Frame is ideal for those users who wish to switch between a sitting desk and a standing desk at a moments notice. The desk comes with a programmable button that will allow users to switch between one of two positions, letting you switch between standing and sitting positions whenever you want. It also comes with two USB ports for charging devices like smartphones. 

FITIZEN Zen Desk Standing Desk 2.0

If you’re looking for a relatively small desk that does not intrude into an area, then this desk from FITIZEN might be just what the doctor ordered. This makes it an interesting choice for those working from home. The laptop tray on the desk can elevate the laptop screen from 14 degrees to 26 degrees for a more comfortable viewing experience. However, if you’re thinking of getting this, do note that you will have to get yourself a wireless keyboard in order to make the most of the desk. 

Rife Sit Stand Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The Rife Sit Stand Height Adjustable Standing Desk comes with a swivel arm that lets you easily adjust the height of the monitor and keyboard. The desk can accommodate monitors of up to 40-inches and uses a clamp for installation. It can even be tilted all the way down to be used as a traditional sitting desk and can be listed back up to make a standing desk. 


This desk from VARIDESK is unique because it is designed to be used on top of a traditional desk. However, it is also collapsible, so it can be stored away when not in use. This makes it something to be considered by those who tend to work from home every now and then. The design of the desk is such that it can even be used when sitting on a bed.

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