Soft rubber covers for the Nintendo Switch Lite on Amazon India

By Sameer Mitha | Published on 01 May 2020
Soft rubber covers for the Nintendo Switch Lite on Amazon India
Soft rubber covers for the Nintendo Switch Lite on Amazon India

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a portable only version of Nintendo’s hybrid console. It has received a lot of praise since its release and has been the go-to console for those looking to play games on the move. It comes in a bunch of different colours and has a plastic shell. Even though the console can technically fit in your pocket, it isn’t the best way of carrying it with you. For starters, you could have keys in your pocket that could scratch the device. The same thing goes for your bag. Carrying it just like that in your bag could result in scratches. If you are one that does not want to invest in a carrying case for the console, then how about a cover, a soft rubbery cover that feels good to the touch and protects the device? If this idea has caught your attention, then this is the list for you. We list some interesting and exciting cases for the Nintendo Switch that are available on Amazon. 

Protective case for Switch Lite Host

The case claims to have a built-in heat dissipation design at the back to make playing for long durations much more comfortable. The case not only fits snug with the console but also comes with a housing, letting you carry two cartridges with you on the go. It is made with flexible TPU to offer full protection all around the device. It also comes with a tempered screen to protect the display. The back has a textured design as well. The case is bright yellow in keeping with the theme of the yellow Nintendo Switch Lite. 

Silicone Skin for Nintendo Switch Lite

If it is a no-nonsense simple protective case you are looking for, then you can check out the Silicone Skin for the Nintendo Switch Lite. It comes in a grey colour which is in line with the grey coloured Nintendo Switch Lite. It helps protect the console from scratches and bumps. It does not come with any extra housings or features and is ideal for those that want a simple case to protect the console. The back of the cover is slightly textured to help give gamers a good grip. 

Clear Case for Nintendo Switch Lite with Kickstand

If you would like to prop the console on a table and play using an external controller, then this is the case for you. It isn’t the softest case out there as it is made of plastic, but the kickstand is the real deal here. Since this is a clear case, the colour of the Nintendo switch will stand out. So if you’d like to show off your turquoise Switch Lite to the world and still want to protect it, then this is the case for you. The case is also designed to protect the triggers on the console. This is a two-piece case making it easy to install and remove the case when needed. 

Compatible with Switch Lite Cover Case

This rubbery case provides a grip as well as protection to the console. It has a textured back to add to the grip. It provides 360-degree protection to the console and also fits like a glove. It is bright yellow in colour, keeping with the theme of the Switch Lite. However, it is available in different colours as well. 

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