Smartphone stands on Amazon India

By Alvin Andrew Cabral | Published on 27 Jan 2021
Smartphone stands on Amazon India
Smartphone stands on Amazon India

Alright, you’ve got the perfect smartphone, but that doesn’t mean that you’ve got to keep holding it all the time while you use it. To best streamline yourself with your phone’s video features, whether it’s video conferencing or watching films or streaming videos on YouTube, you need your hands to be free, and for that to happen, your phone has to have something to hold it in place. Enter that small and unobtrusive thing called a phone stand (or holder)! The following four smartphone stands, all readily available on Amazon, have varying designs and capabilities. See which one of them best suits your needs.

Digitek DSS 001 Mobile Phone Stand/Holder

Digitek’s universal phone stand is compatible with all devices up to 10.1 inches and has a sleek, design based on the equilateral triangle shape. It is lightweight and portable yet sturdy, with anti-slip foam pads on the corners of its base, so that your phone remains grounded. It has smooth edges and is both scratch-proof and rust-proof. Its phone face has the perfect viewing angle of 30° to the vertical. Finally, its two clips (on which your phone rests) are designed to bear the weight of your phone and keep it balanced, whether aligned horizontally or vertically.

STRIFF Foldable Mobile Stand/Holder

STRIFF’s phone holder is entirely foldable, making portability easy. It is basically of two-hinge construction, with the base hinge between the base and the support bar and the other hinge between the support bar and the bracket on which your phone rests. The former has 0 to 90-degree flexibility, while the latter can bend up to 135 degrees, thus giving you a wide range of viewing angles. The support bar’s height can be adjusted, allowing you to charge your device while still in the stand. The stand is scratch-proof, and its anti-slip rubber-padded bottom prevents slipping. Finally, the clips on the holder are designed so that they do not block your screen or even your phone’s camera or mouthpiece.  

ELV Adjustable Mobile Phone Holder

Of sturdy, scratch-proof aluminium alloy construction, ELV’s holder features ergonomic dual folding capability, yielding multiple viewing angles for your phone. Each hinge can be freely rotated through an angle of 270°. It rests on an anti-slip base, and the whole unit is scratch-proof. It is completely foldable and when folded, can fit inside your pocket snugly. It is case-friendly and can accommodate even phones with thick cases.

CQLEK Foldable Smartphone Stand

Of radically different design from the others, CQLEK’s smartphone stand is just the right thing for you if you’re funky and want your goose to really twist its neck. It consists of a table clamp attached to a 24 inch long flexible gooseneck arm, at the other end of which is a clasp which holds your phone. The length and flexibility of the gooseneck arm allow 3D rotational capability in any direction, theoretically yielding viewing from any angle whatsoever. The clamp has an inner foam lining, which does not scratch the surface to which the holder is clamped. Its spring also has a high elastic coefficient and fits virtually every table/countertop. The clasp can accommodate phones of screen size 3-5.5 inches. Finally, this product comes with an attractive freebie: one USB light.

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