Smartphone accessories for frequent fliers on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 06 May 2020
Smartphone accessories for frequent fliers on Amazon India
Smartphone accessories for frequent fliers on Amazon India

Frequent fliers who have to attend multiple meetings carry a lot of gadgets with them more often than not. Smartphones, tablets, headphones, pen drives and hard disks – the list just goes on. If you are a frequent flier, then you should definitely invest in gadgets or accessories to aid your travel and make your life easier. It could be a power bank with fast charge support, a cable organiser or a universal adapter. We’ve picked four smartphone accessories from Amazon that a frequent flier should have.

Anker PowerCore 20000mAH Lithium-ion Power Bank

One thing that you definitely need while travelling is the ability to charge your devices as and when you require so that you can work whenever you want. For this, you need a big capacity power bank and that is exactly what you get from Anker through this 20000mAh power bank. It comes with fast charging support up to 24W. With a 2A charger, it takes about 10 hours to charge from empty to full, according to the brand. The efficient multi-protect system keeps both your device and the power bank safe even during fluctuations in voltage and current or short-circuit. The patented heat-control technology ensures that the power bank does not get heated up during continuous use. Furthermore, the compact design makes it easy to carry it around as well.

Flight Flap Phone and Tablet Holder

Haven’t you wished for a holder for your smartphone or tablet that can hold the device in the landscape position to watch something on it? Well, this Flight Phone Flap can work perfectly as a phone holder. You just need to open it and adjust it easily according to your requirements. The body has been designed in a way to make it flexible and yet sturdy. Since the product has been created specifically for frequent fliers, it is easy to carry around in your pocket or hand baggage.

TECH SHOP Universal Adapter

One of the biggest issues that travellers face while hopping countries is not being able to find the right sockets that are compatible with the plugs of your smartphone and other devices. The best way to solve this issue is by getting this universal adapter from Tech Shop. The design of the adapter is such that it can accommodate plug designs of more than 150 countries. It has an in-built surge protector, thus protecting the adapter and your device from a voltage or current fluctuations. Furthermore, it has built-in safety shutters, making it shock-proof as well, which is extremely handy if you are travelling with kids. Another helpful feature is that it has two USB ports, making it ideal for you to plug in your mobile charging cables directly to it while charging some other device through the main plug.

BAGSMART Small Travel Electronics Cable Organizer Bag 

Are you someone who carries a lot of gadgets while travelling? Doesn’t it get hard to manage or organise the different accessories that they have? You should get a small organiser bag that can hold different cables, hard drive, SD cards and so on. This bag from Bagsmart can hold at least five different cables in the dedicated slots with Velcro patches. On the same side, it has five different mesh pockets as well and you can keep the small adapters, batteries, pen drives and so on in the same. On the other side of the bag, you can place a mouse or a hard disk along with a small diary, a couple of pens and other such useful accessories. All these pockets make the bag a must-have for every flier so that you can have quick access to all the accessories of your gadgets. Protection Status