Smart toys for kids on Amazon India

By Dwaipayan Roy | Published on 16 Mar 2020
Smart toys for kids on Amazon India
Smart toys for kids on Amazon India

If we go by recent trends, it can be seen that the global toy market is undergoing several changes. The most noticeable change is that traditional toys are slowly being pushed to the side by smart toys of various shapes and sizes. Smart toys encompass a wide variety of objects such as wearables, toys that track health and even buildings games. Conscious efforts made by parents to raise smart, tech-savvy and quick-minded kids coupled with technology awareness, have certainly added to the demand for these toys. Another trend that can be seen is that kids are engaging with traditional toys lesser than before and are often getting bored with traditional entertainment. As a result, they are demanding newer and shinier toys more often. In order to keep them happy and focused on one particular toy for longer periods of time, you must give them smart toys that not only incorporate the latest tech but also challenge their thinking skills. In the long run, this can even help your child develop essential skills like critical thinking and problem solving, that will come in handy later in life. Here are a few smart toys that are available on Amazon. Do note that these products are selected based on the features on offer.

Sphero Mini Pink: The App-Controlled Robot Ball

Want a robot ball that will keep your kids engaged? You can opt for the Sphero Mini Pink. This toy is controlled with the help of an app that can be downloaded on your smartphone. Its Face Drive feature allows the user to use facial expressions to move the ball. If you like coding, then there’s something in this for you too! Simply download the Sphero Edu app and use JavaScript to program your ball. The ball also comes with colorful and interchangeable shells which allow the user to switch the same according to their mood.

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls

This gravity powered logic game from ThinkFun puts your reasoning skills and visual perception to the test. Arrange the towers in a diverse variety of stimulating structures, or make other shapes as per your mood – the choices are endless. There is only one rule, your child will have to think out of the box to carry the marble to the tower in question. This game is bound to strengthen your kid’s cognitive skills and help them learn effective planning. Also, the challenges become more and more complex, the longer you play the game. This can ensure that the game remains exciting for your child no matter how many times they play.

Kano Harry Potter Coding kit 

Want to ensure that your child learns to code while having fun at the same time? You can opt for this coding kit from Kano. Once your kid assembles the wand provided with the kit, he/she will get to learn more than 70+ skills based on JavaScript. Your child can then connect the code blocks to create spells and designs. This toy can be directly paired with your smartphone/tablet. The device also allows the user to witness the code behind a potential spell or other visual effects, letting them understand the beauty of the Java language. Your child can also tweak these effects to their liking and make new codes, which should help them increase their creativity. A perfect magical learning companion indeed!

GeoSmart Lunar Rover

An understanding of science is important and has to be inculcated in children from an early age. This lunar rover toy from Geosmart can come to your child’s aid. Its STEM-focused magnetic construction ensures that the pieces stick together, no matter what shape your children give to it using their imagination. It also comes with a patented double-locking system to ensure that your kids are safeguarded from sharp edges. With around 30 pieces of different geometrical shapes, your kids can build their own lunar rover and use the wheels provided with the kit to lend mobility to their creations.

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