Smart Lamps for your bedroom on Amazon India

By Sameer Mitha | Published on 20 May 2020
Smart Lamps for your bedroom on Amazon India
Smart Lamps for your bedroom on Amazon India

We all have the standard tube-light or CFL bulb in the room, and that's OK. But what if you want to add lights without redoing the wiring of the room? How about a desk light or a table light that can not only spruce up the appeal of the room but adds function as well? We all have a study desk or a nightstand that has a light and honestly, it is the same old drab lamp that clicks on and off every night. But not anymore. If you are looking to spruce up the light in your bedroom, guest room or even study room, then there are a lot of interesting options to choose from based on your requirement. Some of these lights are modular, letting you choose the design, others offer touch controls and some are even motion sensing, ensuring you can get to the loo in the middle of the night without hitting your desk. So here is a look at some smart lamps for your bedroom available on Amazon. 

Dyson Lightcycle Desk Light

This desk light is ideal for those that have a work or study desk in the room and share the room with someone else. The light from this lamp is powerful enough to illuminate the desk without leaking the light to the rest of the room. It is height adjustable ensuring you have it in a perfect position. You can adjust the height and position of the light with a single finger thanks to its fluid stand. The light also has touch controls to switch it on and off and also to change it from white to yellow light based on your requirement. The ambient motion sensor switches the light on when you're near, and off when you're away for 2 minutes. The ambient light sensor reacts to changes in background light, keeping your space in constant brightness. You can also control the light with the companion smartphone app. 

Unifree Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Colour Control Smart Touch LED Mood Lamp

A lot of us have Bluetooth speakers but what about a Bluetooth speaker that doubles up as a lamp? Well, if that's something you are looking for, then we’ve got the one for you. This Bluetooth speaker doubles up as a lamp and can display 7 different colours which you can change based on your mood or simply assign one for each day of the week. In addition to Bluetooth, this speaker also has an SD Card Slot and AUX Input to offer versatility in connectivity. It also has 3 different brightness shades – dim, intermediate, and high that you can adjust based on the time, location and available lighting conditions. You can change the light colour with a simple tap.

Coral Tree Quantum Lamp

If abstract art is more your thing, then you should check out the Coral Tree Quantum Lamp. The box contains 5 touch-sensitive panel lamps that are hexagon in shape. You can arrange the 5 of them however you want as they magnetically stick to one another. You can switch them on and off by simply touching them. The lights can stick on the wall thanks to the double-sided tape. If you want to make the design on your wall larger, you can always invest in more modules. You can also control which of the modules light up by touching them to ensure you get the perfect art-decor feel in your room. 

Litake Motion-Sensing Battery Powered LED

As the name suggests, these lights switch on when they detect motion and switch off after 15-31 seconds of inactivity. This makes them perfect as night lights if you are one that gets up to go to the loo in the middle of the night or to answer the door and don't want to disturb the others by switching on the big light. At the same time, you don't want to walk into the table or step on shoes thrown around the room. These lights are small, compact and run on AAA batteries and you get three lights in one pack. The lights automatically turn on when motion is detected within 7 to 11-feet. The lights stick to the wall with 4M double-sided adhesive pads.

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