Smart ceiling fans with easy controls and better convenience on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 14 Jun 2020
Smart ceiling fans with easy controls and better convenience on Amazon India
Smart ceiling fans with easy controls and better convenience on Amazon India

Having smart devices all over your house makes them more efficient by giving you flexible control options and enabling you to run your house in a resourceful and relaxed manner. Getting a smart ceiling fan is another step that you can take towards making your house smart, as it can be controlled with the help of a voice assistant. Such fans come with remote control options and multiple modes like Boost, Sleep, Timer and so on. Here are four such smart ceiling fans that are available on Amazon. Note that these products have been selected based on their listed features.

Atomberg Efficio

This is a smart ceiling fan from Atomberg that has a premium design finish, which should blend with the interior décor of your house with ease. The fan runs on a BLDC motor, making it an energy-efficient appliance. You should be able to save a good amount of money in a year on your electricity bill, as the fan consumes only 28W even while performing at the highest speed. Furthermore, the stable motor helps the fan to run at a constant speed in a wide voltage range of 140-285V, as claimed by the brand. This should result in consistent performance even if there are voltage fluctuations. Finally, it comes with a smart remote control, which lets you control the speed of the fan, put it on sleep mode or timer mode and get the highest speed performance of the fan by switching it to the Boost mode.

Orient Aeroslim

If you are looking for a premium ceiling fan with multiple smart features, then the Orient Aeroslim should be a great choice for you to consider. To start with, it uses a motor that works on inverter technology, thus saving 40% energy, as claimed by the brand. It can run in various modes like Turbo, Breeze, Sleep and Reverse Rotation. Furthermore, you can also schedule the fan’s run time and identify the amount of time the fan runs in a day. All this can be done either through the brand’s mobile app or the smart remote control. Moreover, the fan is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling you to control the settings through your voice in a hands-free manner. Finally, the fan has a smooth diffused light on its head, and you can change the intensity of the light as per your needs.

Atomberg Renesa+

If you are looking for a smart ceiling fan with long blades to get a larger sweep area, then the Renesa+ model from Atomberg should be ideal. With 1200mm long blades, one fan should be enough to provide good airflow in a medium-sized room. Furthermore, these blades have a dust-resistant coating, saving you from one of the difficult household chores – cleaning the fans. It runs on a BLDC motor, which should result in energy-efficient performance. As per company claims, the fan consumes as low as 6W at the lowest speed and only 28W at the highest speed. With the smart remote of the ceiling fan, you can use different modes like Boost, Sleep and Timer and also control the speed of the fan. The fan has LED indicators on the head, which not only tells you the speed of the fan but can also be used as a night lamp.

Orient Spectra

If you are looking for a smart ceiling fan with a good LED light system, then the Orient Spectra is a good option to consider. It comes with a multi-colour LED display light for you to set any of the five colours according to your mood. Furthermore, you can control the intensity of the lights as per your needs. When it comes to the performance related to airflow, the fan has a sweeping range of 1200mm and delivers air at 230 CMM, which should be good for a medium-sized room. The blades have a premium electroplated finish, which should blend in with your home décor with ease. Finally, the motor used in the fan is fully made of copper to improve the fan’s durability. Protection Status