Safeguard your home with one of these basic fire extinguishers on Amazon India

By Akarshitha Yaji | Published 14 Mar 2022 12:01 IST
Safeguard your home with one of these basic fire extinguishers on Amazon India
Safeguard your home with one of these basic fire extinguishers on Amazon India

Fire hazards are one of the most dangerous and common ones that can occur in both commercial and residential areas. Commercial buildings follow specific measures to prevent such dangers, and you should practice similar safeguards to protect your home as well. Many causes may lead to a fire in your household, and you must have a fire extinguisher ready at hand. Below are some of the options that you can consider. 

Eco Fire ABC fire extinguisher

The Eco Fire ABC fire extinguisher gives a multi-purpose use by being effective on all types of fires like A, B, C class fires and electrical fires. These include fires caused by flammable liquids, gaseous fires caused by LPG and acetylene, and electric fires caused by short circuits. You can use this extinguisher in your house, office, warehouse or even your car to safeguard yourself from potential fire hazards. It effectively extinguishes the fire by interrupting the chemical reaction of fire and protects the surrounding area from life-threatening fire hazards.

Kitchen and home fire extinguisher

This Kitchen and home fire extinguisher is a premium quality fire extinguisher that makes it highly efficient in putting out fires in your home and kitchen. This 400 ml fire extinguisher can be effectively used on different classes of fires and electrical fires to ensure a completely safe experience. LPG fires have become a common occurrence, can cause serious damage, and are a major threat to life. This fire extinguisher can be used in the kitchen to extinguish the fire started by LPG and minimise damage. Besides, you can easily store it in a shelf or drawer and need not mount it on a wall thanks to its compact size. 

AFO plastic fire extinguisher ball

The AFO plastic fire extinguisher ball is an extremely useful device to safeguard your home from fire hazards. It can self activate in the presence of fire even when no one is present. This ensures ultimate safety even if the fire starts in your absence. The self-activation makes this fire extinguisher easy and convenient to use. It also makes it effective and safe and doesn’t require you to be present at the fire scene. It has a unique capability of emitting a loud noise like an alarm when a fire is detected, making it a much more efficient unit. It is also lightweight and portable. This extinguisher can be used in your house, kitchen, warehouse, car, etc.

Ceasefire powder based car and home extinguisher

One of the important things when using a fire extinguisher is that you should be able to activate it fast and put the fire out before it gets out of hand. This is exactly what you get with this Ceasefire powder-based car and home extinguisher, which comes with a simple two-step activation that allows you to activate the extinguisher in just a few seconds and fight with fire instantly. It has a 90% concentration of Mono Ammonium Phosphate that maximises its fire fighting powers and makes it more effective in extinguishing different types of fires. 

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