Protective casings for Apple AirPods on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published on 13 Nov 2020
Protective casings for Apple AirPods on Amazon India
Protective casings for Apple AirPods on Amazon India

Apple has been among the leaders when it comes to true wireless earbuds. While these devices may be an apt companion for iPhone-toting music-lovers, keeping them safe can be quite a task. Even though they come in the classic white case, investing in a durable, rigid yet stylish protective cover will not only increase the safety of your AirPods but also add an extra layer of security when you are outdoors. So, here’s a list of protective cases you can pick from Amazon, depending on your taste and style.

Mysail Leather Fit Vintage Matte Leather Hook Case

This coffee-brown protective case by Mysail is perfect for people who want to accessorise their AirPods in a classy way and also keep them safe. The leather hook case is designed exclusively for Apple AirPods and is made of premium leather. It even boasts of a soft and non-scratch microfiber interior to ensure your AirPods are not damaged. For your convenience, it has a precise cutout at the bottom, which saves the extra effort needed for removing the protective case every time you want to charge your AirPods. The case ticks all the right boxes when it comes to looks as it has a luxurious and elegant look. The 18g case has product dimensions of 20x12x5cm, which makes it easy to carry around.

GadgetBite Rugged Armor Protective Case

If you are on the lookout for a sturdy and durable protective case for your precious AirPods, then your search might come to an end with this case by GadgetBite. This rugged protective case looks not only sturdy but also provides 360-degree full protection, thanks to the thickened silicone material which can easily absorb shocks and impacts and keep your earbuds away from harm. It also features a detachable carabiner so you can attach it to your bag or belt or simply carry it around in your pocket. The upgraded fitting technology and one-piece moulding process ensure that there is no gap between the case and the AirPods, which ensures proper charging without removing the cover. The protective shell is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about drizzles and splashes of water damaging your earbuds. Last but not least, it comes in several colours and has an anti-slip surface to keep it from falling out of your hands.

GadgeTEQ Wireless AirPods Cute Minions Silicone Protective Cases

This one is for all the Despicable Me fans who want to protect their AirPods while showing their love for those crazy Minions! This case GadgeTEQ is made of a durable silicone rubber that can endure impacts and keep your AirPods secure during drops. GadgeTEQ has left no stones unturned to turn this cute case into a convenient charging case as it has a cut-out bottom that can let you charge the AirPods without removing the cover. The form-fitting case is designed to provide minimal bulk, which ensures high portability. This protective case weighs 50 grams and has product dimensions of 5.5x4.5x2.5cms, which makes them a great music companion when on the move!

TKM-AirPods 1&2 Case

This protective case by TKM is specially designed for old as well as new AirPods. These are not only trendy and durable but also protect your earbuds from falls and scratches. The silicone case is easy to clean, dustproof, non-toxic and food-grade safe. The latter is particularly useful as its looks might lead to babies and toddlers trying to take a bite. The flexible wrap-around design ensures minimal gap between the AirPods and the case and provides easy storage and charging. The case itself weighs 40g and has product dimensions of 8x5.97x3.18cm.

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