Power strips with international sockets on Amazon India

By Amar Kondekar | Published on 23 Feb 2021
Power strips with international sockets on Amazon India
Power strips with international sockets on Amazon India

In case you travel extensively, you are likely to experience this situation in the hotel room: You need to charge the camera, your phone, and your laptop at the same time, and there’s only a single power outlet available in the room. 

A power strip in this case turns out to be more handy than ever. Not only can you charge all your devices at the same time but also protect them from power surges. To help you pick, we’ve listed four that you could choose from.

GM 3060 E-Book 4+1

GM 3060 protects all your electronic gadgets from power surges. The 4+1 spike adapter offers versatile features with a master switch. The spike guard offers an inbuilt safety shutter along with thermal trip technology to protect your appliances from voltage fluctuations. Besides this, it also comes with a fire retardant to prevent the device from catching on fire in the rare event of overheating due to a short circuit. The ergonomic design of the socket spike guard offers ease of use and convenience. It also works as an extension cord, letting you connect and protect four appliances simultaneously.

Goldmedal Curve Plus

Goldmedal offers 6 outlets to help you plug all your devices at the same time. It saves space by bringing all adapters and plugs into a single point. With the edge-glow LED and an International plug pattern, the power strip sports a stylish look. You can keep all your devices safe from any abnormal power surge with the surge protector. With a 2 metre cord, the power strip also serves as an extension board. 

Gongniu Extension Board

Gongniu is an International electrical device provider that offers a super management system and a comfortable environment for electric devices. This is a universal socket power strip that is made of high-performance polycarbonate, which is shock resistant. Gongniu is loaded with safety features such as a push button with silver contact, rubber-coated copper wire and has a universal socket for all kinds of plugs. Individual switches means you can turn on and off devices from the power board itself, and the 3 metre wire is long enough to place this in such a way so that all four devices you want to connect to it can be connected! 

Belkin Essential Series 8-Socket Surge Protector

Belkin covers a lot with this 8-outlet surge protector. Connect multiple devices such as phones, fax, DSL lines, cables for TV and power cords. It protects your equipment from power spikes and surges. Its slim design helps it fit under furniture and desks, so you can set it easily and forget it. The device offers a 2-meter long cord, which adds to the convenience, making it easier to connect devices away from the power source. All the sockets of the device are well insulated, preventing any device damage whatsoever.

GM Modular 3059-G-Power 6+1 Spike Guard

The GM 3059-G-Power 6+1 Spike Guard is a device that puts safety in front. It has four sockets, each of which features a safety shutter. The GM 3059-G-Power has a built-in spike guard with thermal trip technology. The device is also considerably less-flammable due to the fireguard technology it is made using. The spike protector of the device also helps prolong its use and saves all connected devices from surges in voltage. The sockets are shaped for multipurpose use with all the global variants one would need.

Belkin Essential Series 6-Socket Surge Protector Universal Socket

The Belkin Essential Series 6-Socket Strip is a utilitarian device that also takes complete care of your security. It features 3-line protection, which ground the AC power through all 6 sockets. It includes surge protection, which saves all devices from voltage surges, and has a huge maximum spike current of 13,000 A. All 6 sockets are universal and can be turned on using the same switch. With a response time of fewer than 1ns, the Belkin Essential Series 6-Socket Strip is a value surge protector for its price.

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