Power banks with 18W fast charging on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 15 Jun 2020
Power banks with 18W fast charging on Amazon India
Power banks with 18W fast charging on Amazon India

If you have a smartphone that supports fast-charging and a power bank that doesn’t, then you really aren’t making the most of a really useful feature. Another issue faced by people is how long it takes to charge the power bank at first. Getting a two-way 18W fast-charging power bank is a simple way to solve both the issues. Here are four such power banks that you can buy on Amazon that have been selected based on their listed features.

Mi Wireless Power Bank 10000mAh

Here is a wireless power bank from Mi with a 10000mAh capacity, which supports 18W fast-charging. Since it supports two-way fast charging, you can charge the power bank in a quick time too. Another really helpful feature of this device is that it supports 10W wireless charging as well, making it ideal for all kinds of smartphone users. Thanks to this, you can charge two devices at a time. The power bank has 12-layer advanced chip protection, so that both the smartphone and the power bank itself remains safe even during fluctuations in power or current or while facing other issues like overheating, short-circuits and so on. Finally, you can charge the power bank while using it to charge a smartphone as well, saving time when you are in a hurry.

Redmi 20000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank

If you are looking for a power bank with a large battery, then this device from Redmi should interest you as it comes with 20000mAh battery capacity. It supports two-way 18W fast charging so that you not only charge your smart devices in quick time but also charge the power bank quickly. It has an ergonomic design with curved edges, making it easy to hold. Furthermore, it has an anti-slip textured finish, which should prevent it from any falls and drops. It has dual input ports (micro-USB and Type-C) and dual USB output ports so that you can charge multiple devices and the power bank as well, simultaneously. Finally, it has a 12-layer circuit protection system that should protect the power bank and the devices connected to it from any kind of overload, short-circuit, overheating, discharge, and so on.

Realme 10000mAH Power Bank

The Realme 10000mAh power bank has a cool design that should interest working professionals and users from younger generations alike. The power bank supports two-way 18W fast-charging and supports two outputs with USB Type-A and USB Type-C ports. An interesting feature of this power bank is that it has a Power Delivery (PD) feature that enables you to charge even compatible laptops. Furthermore, it has an intelligent low-power mode which comes in handy when you need to charge devices like wearables or wireless earphones that require a lower power source. This power bank comes with 12 layers of security to protect the power bank itself and the devices connected to it from any kind of harm caused by overheating, short circuit, output overvoltage, and many more.

Portronics Smart Power 10K Power Bank

Here is a power bank from Portronics with a 10000mAh capacity, that can charge all 5V devices like cameras, headphones, and tablets apart from your smartphones. It supports two-way 18W fast-charging, which means that the power bank itself can be charged in a quick time as well when plugged with the right adapter. As per company claims, it should take just three and a half hours to fully charge the power bank. This product has a compact design, which leads to it weighing just 255g, making it one of the lightest power banks in this segment. Finally, it has 6-layer protection to prevent damage from issues like overheating, current or voltage overloads, and so on. This helps ensure that the power bank and the devices you plug in remain safe.

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