Popular fitness gloves for women on Amazon India

By Akarshitha Yaji | Published 20 Jan 2022 20:49 IST
Popular fitness gloves for women on Amazon India
Popular fitness gloves for women on Amazon India

When you perform high impact exercises or undergo strength training with heavy weights, your palms are sure to get worn out, leading to calluses. Although working out is important, taking care of yourself should always be your number one priority. This is why to avoid torn, rough hands and calluses, you can buy fitness gloves that will help you lift weights and perform other exercises efficiently while also protecting your hands. Read on to know more about popular fitness gloves specially designed for women. 

Hykes gym gloves

These Hykes gym gloves come with an anti-slip design which ensures that you get a firm grip while lifting weights, and their durable build protects them from the wear and tear that comes with regular use and gives them a longer life. The gloves come with excellent breathability and strong flexibility that makes them comfortable to wear and makes your workouts easy and convenient. The integrated wrist support gives complete support to your wrists and prevents any injuries while performing high impact exercises and lifting heavy weights. The material on the thumb is designed with a good water absorption fabric which allows you to wipe the dirt and sweat off easily. The design also features pull tabs that make it easy for you to pull the fitness gloves off.

Kobo gym and fitness gloves

The Kobo gym and fitness gloves give an ergonomic fit that features a comfortable grip and proper ventilation to give your hands the proper protection and comfort while working out. The padded palm gives you a cushioning effect that efficiently relieves the stress from your hands while lifting heavy weights and protects them from injuries and from getting worn out by the high-intensity exercise. The classy and stylish design of these gloves increases your style quotient and makes them trendy and efficient gym wear all at the same time. The mesh design of the gloves provides high breathability and prevents discomfort that may be caused due to sweat. 

Nivia Python gloves

These Nivia Python gloves feature a microfiber foam cushion on the palms that provide added comfort during heavy exercises, weight lifting, cycling, etc., and take the stress off your hands. This also works efficiently to prevent injuries and protect your hands from wear and tear. The super stretchable fabric provides a comfortable fit, and the breathable design keeps your hands well ventilated, ensuring that they stay odourless even while sweating. The sweat wiper at the thumb allows you to wipe off sweat from your forehead while exercising. It comes with pullers for easy removal of the gloves. The moulded hi-tech firm stick fastener ensures an extra firm grip. The fingerless design keeps your fingers free for easy movement and a secure grip. 

Gymwar gym gloves

The neoprene material used in the design of these Gymwar gym gloves gives them ideal compression and heat retention to ensure proper blood circulation and to give you added comfort while exercising. The adjustable wrist closure provides a snug and comfortable fit, and the half-finger design allows easy removal of the gym gloves. With the extra padding on the palms, your hands are kept safe from calluses and injuries. The anti-slip palm design improves friction and gives you a firm grip so that you can easily perform your weight training without straining your palms too much or worrying about the weights slipping and falling. The mesh on the back of the gloves ensures proper ventilation.

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