Must have cycling gear for pros on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 18 May 2020
Must have cycling gear for pros on Amazon India
Must have cycling gear for pros on Amazon India

If you are a professional biker or cyclist and want to improve your riding experience, then you can use certain gadgets to do so. A speedometer, GPS navigator and an electric horn are just some of the examples of must-have cycling gear to enhance your biking experience and improve your performance as well. Here are four such cycle accessories that you can buy on Amazon, that have been selected on the basis of their features.

FASTPED Speedometer

Being a pro biker, the one thing you definitely need is a speedometer so that you can track your riding speed. This especially helps when you are practising for a professional race and need to keep track of the speeds you are clocking. The FASTPED Speedometer not only allows you to do this but also helps you in other ways thanks to its intelligent design that makes it a multi-purpose gadget. It works as a LED flashlight and an electric horn as well. The 3-in-1 device has an IPX5 rating, which means that it is rain resistant (as claimed by the company), making it an all-weather gadget. Furthermore, it comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be charged using a regular USB cable. The gadget has a power button to switch on the light so that you can use it when you want, thus prolonging battery life.  There are volume control buttons as well to alter the volume of the electric horn.

Adeeing Bicycle Speedometer Odometer

Here is a speedometer-cum-odometer from Adeeing that has a user-friendly backlit display, which should be able to display data during the day and at night. This gadget is quite helpful as it performs 27 different functions. It shows your speed, distance covered, ride time, battery levels and much more. For professional bikers, it not only helps in improving performance but also ensures safety by not letting you overspeed or overwork. It has a firm mounting shoe, which is good enough to hold the device even while biking on hard and rocky off-road trails. The smart design and efficient build quality of the gadget make it waterproof so that you can use it even when it is raining. While installing, ensure that the magnet and sensor are at a distance of 4mm to get the best results.

Garmin Etrex 10 Handheld GPS Navigator

As a professional biker who loves to explore new trails, the one cycling gear you should definitely have is a GPS navigator that you can mount on your bicycle. The Garmin Etrex 10 is a handheld GPS navigator that can help you with this as it comes with a preloaded worldwide base map, allowing you to access new trails with ease. It has a 2.2-inch monochrome display, which is big enough to let you view the routes easily while riding. Furthermore, it comes with an IPX7 waterproof rating so you rest assured about its performance even during the rain. Such a gadget is extremely beneficial for professionals who predominantly ride on forest or mountain trails. The rugged build quality should protect it from any damage in case of a fall.

Generic 007 Electronic Safety Horn

If you are looking for an inexpensive electronic safety horn, then this product from Generic should do just fine. It has a simple plastic body with a switch on it that produces a loud sound – something similar to an alarm – that you can use to warn the riders ahead of you. This can be extremely helpful while riding through busy city roads. The sound output of this device is loud enough to make it audible from a fair distance. It should easily fit on to the handlebar and stay put thanks to the tight screws. This electronic horn runs on two AAA batteries. Protection Status