Must-have accessories for photographers on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 16 Mar 2020
Must-have accessories for photographers on Amazon India
Must-have accessories for photographers on Amazon India

Every photographer knows the importance of light for capturing stunning pictures. For that, you require a horde of accessories, ranging from reflectors to softboxes. Similarly, there are several other accessories that make the whole process of creating art much easier for you. Be it a backpack with multiple compartments, an ND filter or an adjustable buckle strap to handle your camera, such accessories always help you be a better photographer for sure. If you too are looking for such accessories, here are few of the must-have ones that you should buy from as a starter pack.

Sonia 42-inch / 107 cm 5 in 1 Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector with Bag -

Every photographer understands the importance of reflectors when it comes to clicking better pictures. These come in handy especially during indoor or studio shoots to get the right shadows on your subject. Here are 5-in-1 multi photo reflector discs that are 42-inch in diameter. The colours you get are white, black, silver, golden and translucent. While the silver allows you to control contrast and highlights, the golden allows you to get a warmer tone on your subject. Similarly, the black allows you to block unwanted light with ease and the white allows you to reflect maximum light. You can use the translucent one as a softbox. All the reflectors come with strong and durable steel rings so they should have a long life. You also get a bag in which you can safely place all the reflectors together.

WON Universal Adjustable Rapid SLR DSLR Camera Shoulder Neck Strap Belt Sling

When it comes to street photography or wildlife photography, you are always on the move with the camera in your hand as you may want to click a picture at any moment. Carrying a heavy camera with a big lens can be a taxing task and hence having a shoulder neck strap belt sling to buckle up your camera is a great idea. The WON universal adjustable sling is a great choice for you to carry around the camera with ease as it supports your neck and shoulders the right way. You can slide the camera up and down with ease in a hassle-free manner to allow you to click quickly in no time. You also get a large padded surface on the shoulder strap to give you a pain-free and pressure-free experience.

AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras and Accessories

If you are a passionate professional photographer, having multiple lenses is the norm. Therefore, using a backpack to carry all your equipment with ease is very important. The AmazonBasics Backpack is an extremely user-friendly camera backpack coming in at an affordable price point. It can easily hold two small DSLRs and three/four lenses with ease, along with the batteries, chargers and filters. It comes with padded adjustable compartments to allow you to customize the space according to your needs. On the outside, you have several pockets and compartments to keep your book, pens, chargers, mobile, tripod stand and bottles and so on.

Godox SB-UBW80, 80 cm Octa Softbox for Speedlite

When it comes to studio lighting, you do not want harsh white light to fall on your subject and this is exactly why you need a softbox to reduce the intensity of the light and make the output even. Here is an octagonal softbox from Godox that has an umbrella style deployment method. The reflective surface of this diffuser is silver and is installed using a velcro. You can easily install it on top of a stand and use it for indoor shooting to get the perfect light for all your indoor shots. Protection Status