Must-have accessories for cycling enthusiasts on Amazon India

By Ashwin Nair | Published on 16 May 2020
Must-have accessories for cycling enthusiasts on Amazon India
Must-have accessories for cycling enthusiasts on Amazon India

Cycling has proved to be one of the best exercises one can indulge in. If you are someone who does that, then you would have thought about having some kind of accessories to aid your riding experience. Be it having an efficient lock or LED turning indicators, you must have surely thought about having such tech at some point in your life. Well, here are four such devices that every cycling enthusiast should buy to see a positive change in their experience.

ZIGLY Bicycle Top Tube Phone Bag

When you are off-roading or exploring a new route on your bicycle, the need for GPS tracking becomes quite pertinent. This is the time when you find yourself wishing you had a folder or any gadget that lets you hold the phone on your bike. This phone bag from ZIGLY is a product that will meet your needs. It wraps around the top tube of the cycle and has a clear case finish at the top for you to keep the smartphone. It can easily hold a smartphone with a screen size of 5-5.5-inches. It also has a carefully placed hole that lets you connect your earphones. Furthermore, the material used for this bag is made of soft fabric so that there is no abrasion caused on the tube of the cycle. It is definitely an accessory that every cycling enthusiast should have.

Birud Back Light Waterproof Bicycle Computer Odometer Speedometer

If you are looking for a device for your bicycle to see how you are doing with the distance and the speed you are attaining, here is a waterproof bicycle odometer-cum-speedometer that you can attach on your handlebar. This cyclocomputer has an easy installation process and you just need to add the initial details like tyre circumference and diameter, and you are good to go. The easy-to-read LCD display should be good enough to let you view the data even under sunny conditions. Moreover, since the device is rain-resistant, you can use it during all weather conditions without worrying. Also, you can set the speed to km/h or m/h as per your preference.

4 D (LABEL) FL- U9 U Shaped Fingerprint Lock 

If you travel by your bicycle to numerous places then the one thing you should definitely have is a good safety lock. What can be better than a fingerprint lock in terms of security? This safety lock from 4 D can be unlocked with the help of your fingerprint. You now do not have to worry about losing your key ever. If you want to share the lock with someone then that is not an issue as it can store up to 10 different fingerprints. Since this device consumes little power, you can easily lock and unlock it close to 4000 times, according to the brand. However, if it does run out of power, you can use a traditional key to use the lock as you have provision for that as well.

AlexVyan Certified Special 3 in 1

Ever found yourself thinking about how a turning light indicator for your bicycle would have been helpful during different situations? This Alexvyan certified special 3-in-1 device not only works as your turning light indicator but also as your brake lights and a horn as well. You can fix the light panel at the back of your bicycle so that drivers behind you are aware of your intentions. The horn is attached on your handlebar. Since these LED lights consume very little power, you can use it for multiple days without changing the batteries. Now, you do not have to worry about riding at night or on foggy days as this LED panel should make your ride safer. Protection Status