Most vibrant and visually satisfying Nintendo Switch Games on Amazon India

By Siddharth Parwatay | Published 21 Feb 2022 12:57 IST
Most vibrant and visually satisfying Nintendo Switch Games on Amazon India
Most vibrant and visually satisfying Nintendo Switch Games on Amazon India

The Nintendo Switch offers a great portable gaming experience for its users. At the heart of this is a display that delivers high-quality visuals for your favourite titles. If you have picked the Nintendo Switch OLED over the base model of the console, you’ve probably done it purely for the display. Regardless of the model you’ve selected, you can enjoy a wide range of titles with vivid colours and immersive visuals on the Switch platform. To help you choose the right ones, we have curated some of the best games available on Amazon to play on your Nintendo Switch console. These titles offer great art styles and fun gameplay for every user.


Some games need almost no introduction, and Minecraft does fall under that umbrella. The charming blocky look of the game and its colour-rich landscape is a great experience on any Switch console. While it does lack features like voice-chat, the console's portability lends itself well to the free-spirited gameplay of Minecraft. You can easily jump into online multiplayer from anywhere, an experience that was not possible with the same game on any other console. The game also supports a local split-screen if you want a couch co-op gaming session. Pick this title if unrestricted creativity is your jam.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe offers vibrant tracks, characters and vehicles - all of which can be experienced in full glory on the Switch’s display. The screen lets you immerse yourself in the racing game with well-designed tracks and engaging obstacles. With its short, focussed races, you can enjoy quick multiplayer sessions with this title which can even be local co-op in split-screen mode. The game also offers all-new characters and a faster 200cc racing class for those who need some extra speed. For newer users, the Smart Steering feature can be helpful to stay on track without straying.

Metroid Dread

If you’ve got the Nintendo Switch OLED, its ability to showcase dark blacks and brighter whites is explored to its full potential by Metroid Dread. Even on the regular Switch, the game’s ample dark zones and negative space creates sharp contrast, while its protagonist features power armour and bright weapons. It offers a compelling mystery to the players and is designed to engage them from the beginning. Striking a balance between a 2D aesthetic and 3D graphics, it can appeal to fans of retro games as well as a newer generation of players. The world design is also highly immersive, with players scouring an alien planet for clues and engaging in dazzling boss fights.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

From the vibrant fields of Central Hyrule to the mountains of Hebra, Breath of the Wild is designed as an incredibly colourful game. This makes it perfect for any Nintendo Switch console. With this title, you can dive deep into a truly open world game. It offers mysterious landmarks, complicated puzzles and challenging enemy settlements that you can attack. With over 180 hours of gaming to be enjoyed, this one can keep you going for a long time. If its attention to detail doesn’t win you over, the story can hook you in as well. Go for this if immersive RPGs have always been a favourite for you.


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