MFi certified lightning to USB cables on Amazon India

By Afrah Khan | Published on 14 Jun 2020
MFi certified lightning to USB cables on Amazon India
MFi certified lightning to USB cables on Amazon India

Lightning cables are used by most Apple devices for charging as well as data transfer. But Apple’s cables are known to be flimsy and expensive, which is why it’s better to get an MFi certified third party lightning cable. The MFi certification is given by Apple to products that are compatible with their devices. These cables are on par with Apple’s cables in terms of function but are much more durable. Here are a few MFi certified lightning to USB cables you can get on Amazon. Note that these have been curated based on their listed features.

AmazonBasics Nylon Braided USB A to Lightning Compatible Cable

AmazonBasics is known to provide everyday items at affordable prices and now they even have options for an MFi certified lightning cable. The cable supports all the iPhones, iPads and accessories that require Apple’s lightning cable. This braided cable has high-quality copper wires to ensure maximum connectivity and less resistance. The brand claims to have checked the cable’s durability and they have done so by bending it at 95 degrees 4000 times. The cable comes in two lengths – one is 0.9-metre or 3-feet and the other one is 1.8-metre or 6-feet long.

Stuffcool Finesse Sync & Charge Lightning Cable

Stuffcool has an MFi certified cable to help you connect and charge all your Apple products with a lightning port. The feature that makes this cable stand out in the face of all its competition is the 90-degree right-angled design, which should make it easy to connect it with other devices. It also protects the cable from breaking easily due to bending. This quality cable by Stuffcool is 1.2-metre (4-feet) long, which means it is longer than Apple’s original cable provided with their products. The cable is cotton braided, which gives it an extra layer of protection and feels nice to touch.

Belkin MFi Certified Lightning to USB Charge and Sync Cable

Belkin is one of those brands that are known for their mobile and PC peripherals that offer great bang for the buck, which is why you can expect the same from this cable. You can use this cable with any compatible iPhone, iPad, iPod or any other Apple product with a lightning port to charge the device or transfer data in no time. This quality cable by Belkin has a length of 1.2-metre or 4-feet which makes it fairly long. It has a good quality copper wiring which is covered with a thick plastic covering to ensure that there is no current leakage and the cable is strong enough to handle everyday wear and tear.

Mivi Certified Lightning Cable

Mivi is pretty new in the accessories market but it has garnered a good reputation for itself in a short time. When it comes to providing quality at affordable prices, Mivi leaves no stones unturned and this cable is the proof of that. This MFi certified cable is Nylon-braided and has aluminium casing to protect it from wear and tear. One of the main features that separate it from the competition is its length. This cable is 6-feet long, ensuring you don’t always have to sit close to the plug point while charging your phone. Protection Status