Latest tripods that are lightweight and come with a carrying bag on Amazon India

By Shreyanjana Bhattacherjee | Published on 26 Nov 2020
Latest tripods that are lightweight and come with a carrying bag on Amazon India
Latest tripods that are lightweight and come with a carrying bag on Amazon India

If you are a photography enthusiast, then you are surely always looking for useful and trendy accessories to enhance your photography experience.One thing photographers need is patience and a steady hand, and if they don’t have that, there’s always the good old tripod to help get as steady a shot as possible. Of course, you don’t just want a tripod, but also a way to be able to carry it around easily. Thankfully, tripods with carry bags are a thing, and we’ve made a shortlist for you, to help you buy. 

PROSmart Aluminium Adjustable and Portable Tripod

The PROSmart is perfect for both amateur and professional photographers. It is adaptable to any smartphone, GoPro, and even video camera. It comes with adjustable alloy legs with non-slip rubber ends that makes it easy to set up on any surface. The aluminium clip ensures that your camera stays still, and you can focus on the shot itself. It comes with a quick-release plate, dual bubble level that is attached to a hook, and 3-way pan head.

Demaco Aluminium Tripod (50-inch)

This one is a popular choice for any photographer, because it’s a featherweight and still has extendable heights. If uneven terrains make it difficult for you to get good shots, then this one is made for you. Its three-section level lock legs and three-way head to adjust for tilts and shakes makes it an excellent choice. It is widely compatible with all gadgets, including professional cameras, smartphones, and GoPros. It has become a popular choice within just two years of its launch. 


The latest product from the house of DIGITEK is this aluminium tripod that has the unique feature of allowing panoramic photo capture with its 360-degree swivel function. It can extend up to 4.26 ft., which means it can hold any kind of smartphone or camera used by experts. It comes with three-section legs that are expandable up to three levels and are kept firm with safety knobs. The combined features make it the perfect choice for photography in wild and uneven terrains. 

AmazonBasics 50-inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

This is a unique offering from AmazonBasics. It comes with 2 inbuilt bubble view levels and a 3-way head that allows you to capture both in the portrait as well as landscape mode. It is compatible with all types of cameras, including video cameras and GoPros. Its recommended optimum load is up to 3 kg. Its light weight and high portability make it the perfect accessory for wildlife camps.  

Shreyanjana Bhattacherjee

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