Large capacity solar panels for offices on Amazon India

By Akarshitha Yaji | Published 21 Sep 2021 18:08 IST
Large capacity solar panels for offices on Amazon India
Large capacity solar panels for offices on Amazon India

With office spaces adopting more sustainable practices, it is no surprise that, as an environmentally conscious person, you wish to add some solar panels to your office. Check this list of large capacity solar panels for offices available on Amazon.

Solar panels are efficient means to capture natural sunlight and convert it into electricity. It is a sustainable, environment-friendly means of powering up one’s home or workspace, reducing dependence on non-renewable energy. Check this list of the best large capacity solar panels for offices.

Bluebird Solar Panel

Bluebird Solar Panel is an efficient solar panel that works on A+ Grade 5BB Cell Technology. It has only positive power tolerance and has a good outdoor performance. It is built with a heavy-duty silver anodised aluminium frame and tempered glass that withstands harsh weather conditions such as high wind and snow loads. The panel is PID resistant and also resistant to salt mist and ammonia corrosion. The panel boasts IP 67 rated Junction box with 3 Pass Diode for long term safety. It has a good low light performance and is maintenance-free. It has pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel for fast mounting and securing, making the installation process hassle-free.


LOOM SOLAR Panel is a 440-watt solar panel that claims to generate nearly 30-50% more power in a limited space than conventional Poly Solar Panels. It has a super-strong black aluminium frame that is waterproof and dustproof for longer life and sustainability. The panel reduces the impact of shadows from 33 % to 16.5 %. The product has minimal installation costs as only two panels are to be installed instead of three. It has an IP 68 junction box for added safety. It minimises negative environmental impact significantly.

Luminous Solar Panel

Luminous Solar Panel has silver anodised aluminium frames to withstand winds and larger drainage holes to protect the panels against frost damage. These high-grade solar cells have good quality anti-reflective glass that reduces light reflection for higher yields. It has a sealed junction box to prevent corrosion and reduced frame edges to prevent moss and dirt build-up. It is a BIS certified product that has good low light performance and extreme weather resilience. It is also equipped with PID resistant technology. 

Microtek Solar Panel

Microtek Solar Panel has a high conversion efficiency with its multi-crystalline Silicon cells. It is made of Anodized Aluminium Alloy, and the front cover is made of tempered low iron glass that is anti-reflective. The product has an in-built bypass switch and battery gravity management. It promises decent battery life and battery backup. It is safe for running all sensitive appliances and offers a balanced combination of Digital & Sinewave technologies for Noiseless operation.

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