Large 6 blade choppers for your kitchen on Amazon India

By Kulpreet Singh | Published 17 Jan 2022 14:47 IST
Large 6 blade choppers for your kitchen on Amazon India
Large 6 blade choppers for your kitchen on Amazon India

Cooking is easy, but preparing for it is harder! Chopping, mincing, and pureeing vegetables or fruits can take hours at a time, preventing you from focusing on other crucial household chores. To cut down the time taken in these processes, you must consider buying a food chopper. These kitchen appliances can cut any fruit or vegetable within seconds, helping you save both time and effort. However, it is important to note that the efficiency of every food chopper varies as each of them has a different number of blades. If you are trying to find a chopper that can mince fruits and vegetables quickly, it is recommended to go for only those variants with 6 blades. Plus, shortlist only those choppers with a sturdy build and a stable base. Following are a few good options of large 6-blade food choppers on Amazon.

Mitron New Turbo Chopper 

The Mitron New Turbo Chopper can be a great addition to your kitchen as it can chop large quantities of vegetables at once, thanks to its capacity of 1000 ml. The chopper features sharp and durable stainless-steel blades and offers optimal resistance against rust and corrosion. Plus, these blades can retain their sharpness even after regular use, enabling better performance for a long time. It boasts a unique string design through which you chop fruits or vegetables with minimal effort. All you need to do is pull the string, which rotates the blades. That’s it! The Mitron New Turbo Chopper is made of sturdy and unbreakable ABS plastic, making it durable enough for everyday use. Moreover, since its blades can be disassembled, you can easily clean and maintain it.   

WonderChef Vegetable Chopper 

The WonderChef Vegetable Chopper is powered by 6 sharp stainless-steel blades installed at different levels. Their unique placement helps cover the entire height of the chopper, hence ensuring easy and seamless chopping. Coming equipped with an anti-slip silicone base-ring, the chopper can maintain its grip on any surface with ease.  Designed ergonomically by adhering to German standards, the WonderChef Vegetable Chopper would make your kitchen counter look great. Its entire body has been made using ABS plastic that doesn’t only mean sturdiness but also longevity. In addition to these specs, the food chopper also comprises an air-tight lid for convenient storage and a transparent jar for clear visibility.   

Signamio® Food Chopper   

The Signamio® Food Chopper comes with a special whisking attachment, enabling it to whisk eggs and churn fresh homemade cream. Hence, it is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance. Offering a unique locking system, the chopper can keep the pushing stent and blade in one place when it is not in use. This translates to enhanced safety and space efficiency! With a silicone strip at the bottom, the chopper would always have a firm grip on the slab, preventing skidding. Using an effective push technique, the Signamio® Food Chopper makes chopping exceptionally easy. Just push the lever and watch your food get chopped within seconds! Apart from these, some of its other notable features are a transparent jar and a sleek design.    

Solimo Large Vegetable Chopper 

The Solimo Large Vegetable Chopper is perfect for chopping onions, garlic, tomatoes, boneless meat, and nuts. Plus, thanks to its additional whisk attachment, you can also use this appliance as an eggbeater and a lassi maker! The chopper is wholly made of food-grade plastic, which is BPA free. This means the appliance would not contaminate your food with toxins. For adding more vegetables or fruits while the chopper is working, the Solimo Large Vegetable Chopper has an opening lid. It works on 6 stainless-steel blades that remain sharp and rust-free throughout their lifespan. Some of its other remarkable specs are easy maintenance, compact size, and a capacity of 1000 ml.   

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